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Far And Near

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Closest 2 min drive. Furthest 6 hr drive!!


That is one hell of a drive , is it good though ?

I get there a few times a year but tie it in when I'm working down there. It's only rats but plentiful and beats being stuck in the digs.

Good? It's ok. But I wouldn't be driving all that way just to shoot rats. I've plenty of that 5 minutes away.

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My closest I walk out the front door and I'm there, the furthest I have to travel is a 20min ride in the truck :) It means I can be anywhere on the spur of the moment if the mood takes me. I've got about 900 acres to shoot over, which I know isn't much compared to some on here, but it's an area I can keep on top of with out over stretching my abilities (I hunt and shoot to wind down so I like not being under pressure trying to keep too many people happy) ;)

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To be honest driving a distance for good ground is normal. Most of my decent permission is a good half hour away.

As good ground round and about is taken or spoiled by dickheads you have to look further afield. My mates just landed a load of good permission which is a 2 hr drive away. Rabbits. Pigeon and deer.

The funny thing is he got it because he asked!! Unlike the idiots that just rock up and poach.

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Factory units 10 to 15 minutes , old perm 10 minutes, 6500 acres 15 to 20 minutes depending on traffic


6500 acres is three farms all next to each other so when we come to the bound-re of one we just climb the fence and we are in the next perm lol 2to3 seconds


atvbmac :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:

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