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A Blast From The Past !

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I thought I'd lost this picture but a mate sent it me and I'm pleased I got it back as it brought some good memories of my dogs first dig and my old mate that past away . We had to go and check some earths around the pheasant pens on our permo now my mate had been given a bitch that was supposed to have had a couple of digs over her she was about two years old and I took my pup that was 11 months old at the time and he had shown no interest in going before this day . Anyway long story short my mate collared this bitch up and let her check these earths but nothing we drew a blank . So on the way back I let my pup of , I put the collar on him just in case , so we're walking back chatting and I look around and can't see my pup . There's my mate bitch walking beside him but my pups done one . Anyway puts the box on finds at I think at 1.1 I think that was it anyway breaks threw and dispatched all within the law . My mates bitch never lasted much longer with him after that day lol useless f****r would try to fight on top with another dog but was a complete coward where it was needed under the ground . So my dogs first dig with a good old mate will stay with me for a while .


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Thanks PS for gifting me the dog !

No worrie's!!!


Bang go's the theory that "dog's look like their owner's" he look's f*** all like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol he don't look like the man that bred him either 😜 lol
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