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  1. Bang goes the theory that "dog's look like their owner's"
  2. There's still a few lad's that keep the genuine "early" blood about,,, Another thing which people tend to forget, is quite a few "lines" of so, say , well know terrier men, took bitches to Brian's dog's, but now he's "not the in- thing anymore" never mention the mating's ???
  3. To be able to say you have got a good working line, the bitches need to be able to work to the same high standard as the dog's,, if they don't then there's something wrong,,, Not every one is going to turn out to be a star, but the bitches must be bloody good worker's or if they aren't , don't breed from them!!!
  4. While there's a certain amount of "luck" in breeding a litter of terriers, you should know what mating is the best option if you have your own line/family for a lot of years, one of the biggest problems is that most look at what they have in their yard through "rose tinted glasses" and aren't honest with themselves, you don't just need to look at the sire and dam but their litter mates/grandparent's etc,,, You can weigh the odds of getting consistant worker's in your favour if your careful, aswell as a good dose of luck, not all will make the grade but it should help,, One thing's f
  5. She glyn full of beans nothings to hot for her matesorry mate thought you had the dog very nice It's a tranny ,,, just like Woods
  6. trust Stando to have a picnic basket in his hand Now, now twiggy!!!!!!
  7. No worrie's!!! Bang go's the theory that "dog's look like their owner's" he look's f*** all like you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Sound's more like the owner's mistake than the young dog's
  9. Yes, to have the "stent", he was back home just over a week ago, and feeling a lot better by the day
  10. It came out yesterday that Jeremy Vine had tweeted "wish I knew that the person I interviewed yesterday was a convicted criminal" on newsnight (jay tiernen) Watch now and see if the "hunt sab's/ badger cull" try to defend him or distance themselves from him
  11. Heard at the wknd that Brian Nuttal was back in hospital, anyone know how he is doing. He's back home now and on the mend, he had a "stent" put in
  12. He was knocked out while out sabbing the local hunt and ran to the police the tosser turned up at the court case and demanded to be hidden away until he was giving evidence three of them were hoping to get £1500 compo but the bench gave them £35 each
  13. He's a proper little weasel, not so brave with grown men, he hide's behind a camera most of the time, always slagging the old bill off and then when he get's a slap he run's straight to them!!!!!!
  14. He's one of the worst hunt sabs and has caused load's of grief with the cull What do you need to know???
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