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Attack Of The Drones Lol

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Jesus Christ what a waste of time . Take a gun with you next time , get someone to walk to a place away from you under cover of darkness and then lamp it and shoot it from somewhere else

thats exactly what id be doing

Then take it home and see what the fookers been recording :laugh:
I always assumed video was streamed from the drone to wherever they were. If it's recorded on to the drone no need to worry about being somewhere else when shooting it
if it's on private land in the sticks, why would they be there in first place if u have permission?

You were after rabbits, and carrying out pest control and getting disturbed as you were is a criminal offence isn't it? Sure that it's illegal stopping or interfering with pest contrl

I would of thought so, we had a quick look around but couldn't see anyone the thing traveled some distance
Fu#k it shoot it , new laws now. Can't fly em 50 meters to anyone and can't be more then 500meters away from flier and can't go more then 500 feet up. Plus can't record anyone without permission. Risk of breaking data protection. Cctv recording laws and invasion of privacy. Even heard wildlife officers can't use them anymore. Due to needing a court warrant to record or surveillance someone. They common down hard on people flying them

If we was out with gun it would of got one or two through it lol

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I think they are going to be as significant as the mobile phone was to dog men........or worse...


I was out walking the dog a few months back past the Waterloo monument (good hare country) & there were 4 of the fcukers flying around above me..........things are only gonna get worse with this shite.

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