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L.e.d's V's Halogen?

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I have both so it's halogen for me every time don't get me wrong the led are a k light even too the point if I wanted a handy cheap light led is fine but it's the eyes not showing up that does if for me but led have come a long way compared too what they used too be

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LED's strike up a lot faster and can sometimes spook where a slower startup might not have been so harsh on quarry eyes.


Also the light spill from 'reflector'd LED lamps seems bounce back off any moisture in the air a little more harshly - causing the user to squint more than the softer light of Halogen bulbs. Aspheric lensed ones avoid that spill so do not cause any loss of the users natural nite-eyes

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Led and halogen are just different. I have a halogen lazerlite with a lithium battery and one of the cluson plr500 LED lamps. This new plr500 has the range of the halogen, the spot has less spill and is tighter but the white light takes some getting used to. Eye shine on this one is very good but the white light tends to make things in the beam a little more black and white and loses some colour over the halogen so you can lose some detail. The bodies of rabbits show up much darker than they do with the halogen.

I find the LED useful but i'm not a total convert yet.

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i have both ,and don't mind either i just think they missed a trick of not putting a bi-colour led in the new ones to save using the filter.

i like that the rechargeable deben one has no battery or wires ,i tend to take that one out now.

also have a k50 i'm pleased with and handy local.

I also don't like the fact that i need to rewire a lightforce within months of buying.

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