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Who Needs A Lurcher

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They are an amazing animal..


I just hate them shitting in my flowers lol..


Can't blame them doing what comes naturally,killing song birds.


Owners should try and minimise the potential risks to the birds..


Rats and mice are fair game lol

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That's why they should ware bells..


Really proficient hunters..


I had a cat years and years ago that wore a bell, he learnt to pin the bell under his chin when he was stalking something so it didn't jingle.


Fecking smart animals :yes:

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My own cat is a fantastic hunter. At this time of year he has one or two rats on the doorstep most mornings. In summer he brings the occasional rabbit.

I must admit that he does catch a few birds during summertime too, mostly youngish inexperienced ones. I couldn't bell him though. I live in a street of houses where some people leave their dogs straying all day. If he was belled he wouldn't last too long. We've lost a couple of cats to dogs in the last ten years and this cat has fought off dogs a few times in the last couple of years.

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