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First Trip Of Season

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It was a toss up between fishing on the kayak or ferreting today :hmm: the ferrets hadn't been out since last season and Mathew had been harassing me for a couple of weeks :D so ferreting it was.

Not a bad day weather wise, not too warm, a few half grown still kicking about but done not bad with twenty decent sized in the bag, good to be out again, cheers

























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Was on that Hill the day before and melted. We gave up by 2pm as we could barely walk for the heat.


You had a good day though bud.

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sounds like a good day ,was out with a sister to his fawn dog she done well out in the open land ,chaseing, glad you had a bit sport ,

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Was back on that hill last week and took a hard earned 10 with no nets ! :laugh:


That whippet x of mines is a peach at the ferreting game btw.

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  • Good stuff bud.. Hope you have a good one.

Heres mine guarding his master while he relaxes. Multi talented these beddy x`s hahaha




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