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Cheekychicks Puppy Poll, Please Vote

Shar pei pup for Cheekychick  

55 members have voted

  1. 1. Cheeky chick wants a pup but Stabba wont let her have one cos he's a tight scroat, but has agreed to go with the poll results

    • vote for no pup and support that skip rat Stabba
    • vote for a pup for cheeks and let her have at least some pleasure in life

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Stabb being the tight git he is wont let cheeks have a likkel puppy. I say she deserves a f****n medal for putting up with him to be fair. But Stabba has graciously agreed to abide by the decision of the thl members, good or bad. so i'll start the ball rolling.


I vote for cheeks to have der likkle puppy. what say all of you ????

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i think stabba should stop being a rotten c**t,poor cheeks waits on him hand n foot for no return.....id treat her like a queen but shes scared to leave incase she gets done for neglect....

got to vote for cheeky, she deserves a pup for putting up with sir ming mong

Didn't you write something to me the other day mark? Along the lines of MAN THE f**k UP!!!

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:feck:Hark at him, the f****n big bully as he is.................................................... get her der likkle puppy wuppy Stabba ffs, one week off the keebabs will pay for it easy ( two possibly lol)




Shame on you :haha::lol:

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