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Morality Of Hunting

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karlos- I really like your point about viewing game animals as resources, so true And yes as for the necessity rather than sport idea I completely agree,


Paulus- I absolutely love that statement, Does that mean because im not starving and have access to a local supermarket for my meat I should therefore consider morality and not hunt for meat?


Danw- not quite sure that makes sense to me can you ellaborate on that please.



How do you all accept the concept of killing for food, sometimes when I think really into it, it weirds me out a bit thinking about how what ive just killed is no longer there and had I not killed it, it would be going about its daily business.



cheers for replies keep them coming, your helping someone who is questioning the morals of eating meat and hunting for that meat .

quite simple really to question what is morally right one must first question/challenge morality as a concept



Very deep Dan...or should I call you grasshopper? :D


LOL and I hadn't' had a drink :icon_redface: such topics usually involve a pub and lots of alcohol any way here's some Confucius for you :thumbs:


Wisdom, compassion, and courage are the three universally recognized moral qualities of men.


"I hear and I forget,I see and I remember,I do and I understand"

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Is hunting morally acceptable? Well acres of habitat are protected by hunting-generated funds, lots of game species have experienced population increases due to modern game management, the economy is

Good thread Oldham Lad It boils down to intent I think, if your in a situation were your hunting for survival, no one not even antis, apart from the very hardcore would question it. But in the world

Imo hunting is a lot more ethical than the meat industry even more so when you consider all this halal shite in the supermarkets.   Even if youre a vegetarian you have to accept there has been a lot

I think The hunting is in us all all of our ancestors did ..there is a sense of achievement when your catching your dinner fresh and also doing good job of protecting the farmers crop which feeds the population there are kind of unofficial ethics to ferreting locators digging down dispatch fast backfill well..You said a bout banning or unbanning I presume you mean in the uk fox hunting with hounds is it moral to me it is a s the fox nearly always gets away and if he is caught is dead in seconds so i believe it should be unbanned it eliminates the weakest foxes

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