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Mountain Hunt For Wolfs By Using Wolf Howler,

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Any hunt can be estimated by different way: in points of SCI measurement system , in kilograms of meat, in liters of alcohol, , in "respect" during the VIP hunt, etc. There are a lot of criteria of hunting assessment , but they are incomparable, like roundness and softness. Personally for me, mountain hunt for wolfs by using wolf howler is the real hunting Everest.




Wolves are a very clever animals. Especially mountain wolves. Hunting for wolves in mountains demands from hunters a great experience and a good fit.



There are a few great wolfs hunters in Kazakhstan, but all of them are forestry men and all their time thay spand in the woods. But we with my friend Ali are the city dwellers, So it is not easy for us to hunt for wolfs with wolf howler tube.




Four days ago we with my freand Ali at night left from Almaty City to Dardamty hunting area . 5 hours by car along highway, and at sunrise

we rose on ice-covered Daradamty country mountain road




The country road was entirely trampled with wolf traces. The rutting season came nearer. We noticed many uric points with many, many wolf traces. It was wolfs before weddings mob - wolfs discos club.





We reached base camp At last



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Our first task is to define location wolves pack . We were looking for wolves by using trial cameras.


Marten. Sister of the Siberian sable. But marten entered in the Red List of Kazakhstan.

Young boar – the three-year-old. Ah what a fat!

teenagers-marals are interested with corn





It is interesting. The bears must sleep in a den at the end of November. Why this young bear doesn't sleep? May be it have gone in gardens for apples?




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O, guis! Here you are.



Wolves go on a track regularly.





We compare dates.
Wolves pack pass on this pass once in two days.






we are gathering for big council of Indian chiefs I n the evening . And at a round table we are developing the fighting plan

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The next morning we ride up by horses along the river




The horse path along a stream is covered with ice. So we must to leed our horses on a string



we are helping to our horses to clame to the steep slopes




My horse has stumbled and slid down the slope, but heroically got out.






we were on the top of plato at 2.10. We took a shooting position over a wolf track and attentively examined vicinities in field-glasses




silents. Only two marals grazad in the distance.



Ali got his howler and was trying to howling. It seemed to me, that he was a little bit false. But reciprocal howl of the real wolves from gorge had reached our ears in two minutes








I have became puzzled. I wanted to find my backpack and spread to horses, but it was layig directly behind us

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The following part is written by my friend Ali

30 years ago I was in mountain expedition with my father. My old man worked as the zoologist. Then I became the witness of a rough handling of gray predators over a young foal. So I saw harsh realities of life: predator - victim, I sow death, murder, blood first time. this picture made indelible impression to me. I was fondly teenager that time.




two days later after death of a foal, I was fished on the small river. Suddenly I saw some wolves on the opposite river . The horror seized me by the throat.




When I grew up and became a hunter,my interest for wolves strongly amplified. There are more than 70 thousand wolves in Kazakhsan/ It is more than wild hoofed animals. Therefore the govermant of our country encourages hunting for a wolf. Many hunters can take wolves using snowmobils,helicopters and so on, but a few real hunters can to find wulf in the mountains by foot.




Hunting for a wolf is allowed all the year round in Kazakhstan ( except March and April). The state pays an award for wolf, about hundred dollars. average wolf eats about seven hoofed animals in a year .
Peaples hunt for wolves in the different ways In Kazakhstan:
1 . From ambush. Hunters wait for wolves near thair predators production, usually it is body of the agricultural animals killed by wolves.
2 draving by the different types of vehicle, but it is possible only on the plain.
3 . Shelter. When the many hunters surround hunting place .
4 . But personally for me, the most difficult and most intresting tipe of wolfs hunt is huntinf by howling!




Two weeks ago one American firm had sent to me a wolf howler for test . And I having a smoll home training, decided it to try this device during real hunt.




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Max already has told to you, guys, how we got to plateau, So I won't repeat. Simply when wolves answered to me, I nearly fall down with surprising! I can piss up arow too! I have repeated howling In five minutes . Wolves answered from other place (in 200 meters up to the slope). Then we waited about an hour, but the deep silens was laying around.

We have intruded to the wolves pack territory. The instinct must to force wolves for protection their territory from strangers. But if I howled not correctly, thay can understand our cunning. Max told me that I would not howl more, so at a short distance wolves can hear better.




At last we turn bothered to wait and solved that wolves have seen through our cunning . Therefore we solved do a re-deployment. Max had to get up on the hill in 500 meters below, and the ranger Shukhrat had to go down to the bottom of the gorge and from down to up drive wolves to us.


Max was on a half way to the hill, when I have noticed a she-wolf ander fir tree. It attentively saw in to the wood where there was Max. Ihave measured the distance. 300 meters.

I not thought a lot. I caught a wolf in optics and press a trigger. The wolf circled and disappeared behind the hill. At this time from under a fir-tree the second wolf had jumped out and run away down the hill. O Guis, I must say to you, it is not easy to shoot a running wolf for 450 meters when overadrenaline amotion fill you! But nevertheless I shoot several times. I ran down as quickly as my lungs at the altitude of 3200 meters has allowed

I hase run down and saw the blood.






She -wolf was laing in 80 meters behind a hillock.




I waited for guys, but they as if to fall through the ground. I was waiting about one hour.




carbine Cristensen Arms custom 300 win mag , optics Vortex Viper , bipods Harris , amunition federal accubond 180 gr .

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Searches of the second wolf. It is written already by Max




We passed half of a way to downhill, a suddenly we hear a shott! We jumped out to the glade, and ross a trail of blood. I didn't doubt that a wound is deadly. We followed in the bloody tracks farther and farther, but couldn't find a body. On one place the wolf foll dawn from 10 meter rocks. I thought, it will surely break, but it went further. It as in a computer game. Who overcame the next obstacle would have one more life as a bonus





The mystical darkness covered the magik mountains. The werewolf disappeared in the crack between the worlds.
When we rose to the top of hill, Ali has pulled out on the top the she-wolf.




We returned to basic camp at midnight.





Heavy snow went next morning, All the traces had filled up and we couldn't find the wounded wolf.





All the traces had filled up with snow and we couldn't find the wounded wolf.




Here such history. Nything special

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Wow that was different and great scenery like Blaen Rhondda in the winter lol. Does the dog help out with the hunting at all?

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If I'm ever asked what would be the one thing you could hunt and how would you do it my answer has always been the same wolf on foot in the mountains having read your post I am massively jealous one day I hope to be able to fulfil that dream but at the moment life and work just gets in the way

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