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Diy Bouncers

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Hi lads


I'm looking to make some sort of bouncer/floater to put my foam pigeon decoy on .. looking for lots of movement from this decoy also .. any ideas or pictures would be greatly appreciated




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Just buy one mate they are only about £12 and they come with crocodile clips for the wings.


Ive found they seem to be better than making em as they will take the weight of a real bird once you shoot one as some home made ones dont.


The main thing is when its windy they tend to twist upside down which is a ball ache as you have to keep breaking cover to sort it.


If you have an old fishing rod you could use the top sections to creat the same effect its just getting it to not turn in the soil and attatching your bird to it.


For the sake of a tenner call it it isnt worth the time messing, inmo.

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buy one of the £12 ones cut off bottom spike leave 2" above horizontal bar get a piece of 12mm pipe about 8" long bend it about 10-15degrees in the middle drill and tap each end for locking screw to stop decoy flipping upside down.


at the top of the bouncer bend the metal rods which the decoy goes on right around to point other direction


now stink spike into ground as nearest to vertical as possible place diy pipe over spike tighten your diy locking screw place bounced pole in other end of pipe tighten locking screw.


place decoy or dead bird on cradle.



now your bouncer pole will swing around if The wind changes should only take 15mins to make if everything is infront of you.

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Sorry mate but when i saw the title i thought it meant that B&Q were going to have doormen!!!!!

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Have used very thin bamboo canes for shell decoys, they worked.

Not saying they would suit all conditions tho.


That idea with the pipe sounds worth a try. :thumbs:

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I have made a few bouncers (for dead birds) and floaters ( full wings and tail decoys)

I used 4mm mild steel round for the bouncers just bent a 50cm length in half and welded it then sharpen the 3 points for head and wings , they work well and stand me at no more that £5 materials .

And iv used an old beach casting rob with a thick fencing wire cradle for the full bodies decoy and used old forsale signs as wings and tail .

There a twat to make as the balence is hard to get right .

I'd say make your own bouncer and buy a jack pike floater and modify it to improve it .

Iv apoxied everything on mine so there solid and don't spin up side down in high winds , then I just shortened them for easy transport .

All in I have 25 hand painted shell pigeons 4 floaters also hand painted 2 bought and modified and two made from scratch , 3 bouncers all home made and a bought magnet . I also add 4 hand painted crows and a magpie .

If and when I get chance il make some more .

I want all the gadgets for as and when I need them . They all work very well .

Tomorrow will be the first time iv used them all together on fresh drilled peas !!

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see mat a told you and gaffer your are waisted :laugh::tongue2: get back at your game lads and do some more bits to help us and you out atb mel :thumbs::thumbs:

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