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Land Rover Discovery 1996/97 Reliability

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I'm still looking around for a 4x4 and I've clocked a Discovery with decent mileage, good price and in good condition,


Is there much to worry about with these wagons, any serious reliability issues? I know it will be fairly heavy on fuel but other than that, anything to look out for?



SS :thumbs:

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good reliable jeep,just watch for over heating,it can be a problem,mainly because people use water in rad,it should be coolant try stay away from automatics in them, there dead slow to get up speed,manuals are fine anything else is cheap to fix,as well as parts are very cheap

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ive owned 1 for last 2 months so far ive changed the prop shaft couplin cost of 40 quid the lift pump 25 quid few leeking pipes to the cost of 60 quid wheel bearing on back 30 quid drive shaft 75 quid back diff pan was leaking oil so got a new pan 40 quid and now theres a knocking on back end thinks its back left shock gone now to the gear box, when i bought it there was a crunch when you put it into second gear at high revs got told this was a common fault on these and they would go for years like it but now shes starting to throw her self out of gear and you cant get it into second gear quick enouth on steep inclines so loose the revs and gota go back into first so new gear box ready to go in cost of 250 also oil is cuming back out of the filler cap on the engine after long drives had it checked its the pistons gone so new engine in the pipeline also leaky sunroof soaking pasenger footwell.still pulls like hell though and never gets stuck in the worst of conditions make sure you check it properly all over and take it for a very long drive and have a look under bonnet for oil running down side of the engine.hardly any rust under mine but i no a lot a rusty has feck sills,arches,seat belt mounts,pretty much every were.

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I have had a couple, and the first thing to check is the rust situation, check the boot floor, wheel archs and the door pillars and sills. :thumbs: Steer away from sunroofs, or if they have them check them for leaks.

The 300TDI engine is quality as long as its maintained, and parts are cheap. :yes: :yes:


I prefer a manual, but I also have had a auto, both good, the autos will more than likely have a better milage on them, and you could just convert to manual if you wanted to, it wont cost the earth.


Also watch grinding or clunking on the gearbox when you test drive it, especially going into second.

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had 6 all together! all 300tdi s really good all round, great for towing , just like other lads have said cam belt oil change ect, watch out for rott in the back end and wheel arches.


there is one by me for sale for 550 but its an auto and not sure about the truck but is very cheap at that. The can go for silly money if there all up together, look on ebay there is loads.


oh befor i forget watch out for the heater inside because if the matrix is fuked ( ie no warm air for the winter) there a real b*****d to put right. good luck mate.

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ive a 300tdi only done 116k its very sound truck .for the size i carnt mone about fuel there not that bad on a run .i only use it on weekends as did the last owner thats why the low miles i do prefer the fourtrack and would swap one in the same nick as mine in a dash so thats never going to happen but good alround truck

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As has been said, ROT is what to look for.

Boot floor, Sills, Back Crossmember up behind the fuel tank not easy to see (or fix) this one.

Rear seat belt mounts, Rear Arches, Front inner wings, All Body Mounts, Chassis where it 'kicks' up at the back, Chassis again below where your feet would be at the front. Bushes on all suspension points.


Good old workhorses if you find a fresh one.


Engines bullet proof providing they have been 1/2 looked after.


Window switches/ central locking, etc etc as has all been highlighted already. VERY cheap to repair compared to Jap motors.

Prices mentioned in post above somewhere can be beaten by quite a bit if you shop around. - Full set of Discs / Pads / Calipers / Backing Plates come in around £100.


Had and fixed a few, Got 1 for sale at the moment, but I'm at the opposite end of the Country from you. (Roll on the snow before I advertise it!)

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