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  1. Haha was thinking the same myself if people can't string a sentence together in my eyes there not fit to be online
  2. Used to be one round me for a while wasn't a proper albino was a dirty cream color
  3. I'd say I'd always have a cow dog over a sheepdog required more balls to face some old bitch who decides she isn't leaving the field than a sheep
  4. Nice looking bitch there some serious ears lol
  5. The collie we have at work he's a big heavy lad about 25 tts always coming Back with rats rabbits and recently leverets once fetched a fox cub back just puts them by the parlour door has endless stamina and isn't hyper works the cows steady until one spins an he's on the nose and has no reverse one day we where moving one off the stud bulls off the cows he turned on me I was stuck between a wall and the cow box nowhere to go ( my own fault not thinking ) and the bull came for me dog got between me an him latched to the nose until I got out got a fair bruising but never let go if that's not gam
  6. Pair off steel toe cap land masters wear mine nine hours a day at work comfy and had a few cows stand on the cap an they held up unlike the Dunlop ones which took a chunk out of my toe as the cap collapsed lasted me 6 months so far an still got an inch of sole on them
  7. I don't mind when people have trouble with grammar or the odd spelling but the I'm so stupd I cnt [BANNED TEXT] gud now that's annoying
  8. I've always wondered about that rule why does it not apply to the Scottish an Irish who insist on writing how they talk
  9. Loads of shaggers and a pissed tramp who I gave a rabbit seemed happy enough
  10. I wouldn't want to lamp 100 rabbits It's a lot off carrying but it would be nice if my dogs could oh well looks like ill be staying with my threes and fours
  11. I've three lurchers ones an old dog who comes out just for a look more than anything and finding enough work for two fit young dogs an a plodder is hard to do round here if there's places in the country where u can find work for 8 or 9 dogs I'm ready to pack my bags
  12. How many lurcher men have 40 dogs in kennels that all need to be at physical fittness cos there's no way one person can possibly work that many dogs
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