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Which rifle would you choose?

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Hi all,


Next Friday I am looking at purchasing my first ever PCP.

I have visited my local gunsmiths and have the following choices, but I'm not sure what to go for and need your help.


Weihrauch HW100

Daystate Huntsman (Has a nice finish although it's quite expensive)

BSA R-10 MK2 (Heard these have a few issues though)

BSA Scorpion Tactical


Or I could go with an Air Arms or a Falcon (not sure which models are the best though - suggestions welcome ;) )


Thanks in advance

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my first was an aa s200, very good gun. no pressure gauge so was guessing at shot counts.

my second was a left handed (stock and bolt) aa s410k. very very good gun. fitted likke a glove was really nice wieght and quiet as a mouse with the aa silencer.


my third WILL be a hw 100 t or kt very very very good gun. but that wont be anytime soon.


daystates and bsa pcp's are also held in very high regard tho. but my choice will be the hw100


good luck choosing. :victory:

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if your thinking daystate and worried about the price look secondhand. i did and got my mk3 under 400.


trust me out of all the rifles there in my opinian daystate is the best. you wont be disapointed

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Thanks everyone. My preference was for the HW100, but I'm not sure I like that lever action. A bolt looks so much cleaner/neater....

However, I previously owned a BSA XL Tactical and a Weihrauch HW98, and the HW98 was alot more powerful than the BSA, which is why I wouldn't mind going with a Weihrauch again :hmm: . My local gunsmith appears to be at least £100 more for the Daystate Huntsman than any store I've seen online, which is what's putting me off getting that one :censored:

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thats the rifle i was going to get originaly. its a good rifle and well made but it just wasnt feeling right in my hands. thats when i spotted my current rifle next to it. At the end of the day every rifle up there is good in its own rights (its just daystates a bit better :feck: ) it all comes down to what feels right in your hands. so go bk to the gun shop with fresh eyes and hold them all. if the rifle that feels the best is out of ya budget then either save or find it secondhand. hope it helps :)

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The hw100 would be a good buy but they are expensive to buy and have also had issues. I owned a s/h early mk1 and it leaked my shooting partner has a new model and it also had issues with leaks but after an expensive repair by Hull cartridge its been fine. If your buying brand new though it will be under warrenty so not a problem.

I personally really like the Bsa Ultra but the cocking mechanism isnt to everybodys tastes. The Scorpion would be a good bet? Cant comment on 'Gaystates' as never been a fan ;)

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Don't get a Pretty Boy Gun, :tongue2::whistling: Get a Man gun instead the all Conquering Rapid MK 2 in any Cal it won't let You Down. :thumbs::)


atvb Daz 7. :diablo:

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I live in Hull so I guess if the Weihrauch did leak, I could get it sorted pretty quick :)

They dont stock Theobens near me, otherwise I would have probably gone with one of those.

Does anybody have any experience with any of the new Falcons? They look nice and I understand they're owned by Air Arms now

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usual thing springs to mind here, of all the guns you ask for opinions on,,, other peoples opinions count for rat shit if you can`t shoot them, you need to try all the ones you are thinking of, and a few others, then part with your hard earned on the one your most comfortable with, start with the gun you feel best suits you, then go down the mind blowing route of pellet testing, have fun

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