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  1. Could it be a tick? Heard if they lock onto the spine for so long they can even paralyse
  2. these any good? http://www.fourteenacre.co.uk/shop/product-category/dvds/
  3. Blades just arrived midnight. What a excellent piece. Seems a shame to take it hunting
  4. Is it today countrymans weekly is out? cant rember

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    2. the big chief

      the big chief

      ya don't read that bollox do ya lol

    3. Flacko


      Who gives a feck

    4. chris k

      chris k

      meant to be a bit on whippets gafer. load of f***ing shit though. wont bother to buy it again that's for sure

  5. im also interested as im 5 seconds down the road from keighley
  6. I was just checking nobody had a second-hand copy Before buying a New copy
  7. Anyone got a copy for sale?
  8. Do you have woodga snaring dvd?
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