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Take heed, read and learn.....

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Howdy guys...


Those of you that know me personally will know that I'm truly above board with everything to do with airgunning, sharing my advice when I can etc and would never do things deliberately....

You also know of the refurbs I've done, so anyway..I was debating whether or not to actually post this as to what people may think of me and get the wrong end of the stick.

I apologise it being a long winded story but hopefully some good will come of it....


So we begin....


There was a guy on a social networking site offered me £200 & an HW80 to refurb in PX for the HW97k i had advertised, I accepted, he came to my house on the Saturday night, deal done, gun locked away in the cabinet and out I went on the Saturday night, then my neices christening on the Sunday, back to work on the Monday till Thursday...

In the mean time while i was away with work I read on the same networking site of a guy looking for a springer but he needed to get rid of one of his PCPs to get one, so I messaged him offering him the chance to do a deal, my TX200 for his JB blueprinted, regged Ultra Tactical & £50 his way.

He accepted and we agreed to meet on the Thursday night after Id finished work at a service station half way between home locations to do the swap.

We met, done the swap and I went home.

Got home, charged the Ultra, chronoed at 11.35ftlbs, fitted the Yukon NV as I intend using it for ratting, gun stand in the garden, grabbed the rifle & camera and headed out the front door to grab some photos..... Only to be confronted by 2 armed response officers.... "Put the weapon on the floor" and up against the wall.....


I was arrested for having a weapon in a public place....,


Apparently someone had seen us go the swap and reported it to the police and gave my reg number off my car.....


Taken into custody, searched and placed in a cell. They searched my house seizing all my rifles, pistol & Skan chrono.

I was interviewed, told my rifles would be going for testing and bailed, to report back on Friday night 20:00hrs.


I reported to the police station as directed and took straight into interview, where the results of the tests were revealed....

All of "my original" rifles were fine.... This is where the problem began... The HW80 that I had slung straight in the cabinet in a rush to go out was chronoed by the police with 12.3, 14.6 & 21gr pellets with the power ranging from 14.7-17.8ftlbs


The charge then turned from being in a public place to possession of a prohibited air rifle.


After gaining the evidence they needed from various sources I had provided and also the fact they said they could see I wasn't a delinquent due to the nature and expenditure of the rifles etc I had they decided the best course of action would be a police caution.

So I was cautioned for "Posession of a prohibited air rifle".

This from something I didn't know about a rifle....

A lot of you are now probably thinking I got away lightly..... Take it from me, I didnt....

The stress it caused my family, what with armed officers searching the house with my wife and daughters and me being locked up


I have all of my rifles back except the HW80 of which I surrendered and life can get back to normal.






I hope this doesnt see you think any less of me as it was a genuine mistake, thanks for reading!!







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Been there Darryl, done that and came away with the same result :yes:

Although the Police have told me they will not destroy the Ultra and will give me the chance to apply for an FAC so I can have it back :D


It wasn't so traumatic for my wife and kids though.

And a Section One caution means you will never be able to get a job that put's you in a "Position of Trust"


At least it's all over for you now, I've still got to go through all the checks etc....


I don't see why anyone would think any less of you though Darryl, we all know that you are indeed more than a responsible person when it comes to Shooting and you will still be one of the most highly respected people in the Airgunning Fraternaty



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jesus mate what a nightmare, glad its sort of sorted out ok though and hope your kids and missus are ok mate. atb and keep your head up mate .

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I have not long ago went though the hole thing.. and lost my HW90k as it was running at 12.35 ft'lb even tho my cronny said it was legal the police took that and they got the same results as me, so they calibrated it with their machine so now i know its spot on and i will be legal, first thing i done was put the the rapid on cronny!!


and my other think i'd warn people about is always check your coats after beaters day or if you've been out shooting with a mate and have used a spare rimmy or center fire.. as they found 7 .22 rimmy rounds in a coat i had not used for about 4 year!!


lucky they new me and new i was not out to harm anyone with gun or rounds,, think my mother working with them helpped plus she's real close to the DI who was in charge of my case..

but i still went into hell for a month of my life, but lucky i just got a caution.!!


so remember lads.. others have getting 6 month and banned from keeping guns for 5 year!

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jesus mate what a nightmare, glad its sort of sorted out ok though and hope your kids and missus are ok mate. atb and keep your head up mate .


Cheers Aaron!


Cheers Tony!!



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Christ Darryl arse puckering time. Shame you had to go through this just for enjoying your sport. Part of me is happy that we have nosey parkers that notice this and had the nerve to report it, but equally part of me want to say "keep your nose out",

Hope you and family get over it quickly and return to normallity mate.





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You can never be a 100 percent sure what your getting when doing exchanges darryl . At the end of the day we try and believe the people we are dealing with are being honest and truthfull in what they say . However this is often not the case but if we never gave any trust in the first place we would never deal with anyone .

This has been a very unfortunate incident that im sure you will not be caught up in again . Did you give the details of the fellows that you dealt with darryl ?

Hope this reminds people of the pitfalls that can happen with our sport we dearly love . ATB FV :thumbs:

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sorry to here that bud hope you familys ok, that was very upsetting for you all,and i dont think any less of you bud and all the members on here will say the same


atb symon

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Sorry t hear that bud thing to remember as well lads if your doing a face to face deal outside of your home or private property you have to keep the rifle out of the public view that's the part that messed it all up for Daryl. Soon as the public see rifles they think your a lunatic about to embark on a massacre



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Gutted for you mate .....will remember this tale if i ever have to do any deals ....

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hi Darryl

lesson learnt darryl move on!

sorry your family was upset,but will advise all members in future take a combro with you and meet at a local club/permission.

i have only had one sale like this ! but i met the buyer in a lay by,also it was in the winter months so not much to see! i asked them to look at the rifle in my car only! ( the rifle never left the slip) they sat in my car and looked at the rifle there luckily i had a crono reading with me of the last test i did, they asked a few questions which were positive answers and this clenched the deal!


Also just another thought if you are doing a F2F deal ask for the seller to provide a crono test sheet? signed by them!

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