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  1. Just putting this out there... Do you think he'd get more jail if it was a copper, he killed and tried to behead??
  2. where are these shit houses sharias councils? Most are in london, but i thought their was over 100 of them!
  3. well he really is a thick f**k!
  4. what a nice bunch of people they are!!
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23367877
  6. forsure post 92 BTB has went up, and tbh even if it never we are over run with the fuckers, they need culled no matter what!
  7. In box me the link on fb to your friends post about this rob
  8. Just f***ing nuts the lot of them! that feller with his kid was lucky!
  9. Its the only ones out at the min mate, 15's only about a month old! simple, download burn to disk, reboot pc with disk in press F12 when the boots screen pops up, key down to boot from cd/dvd drive, then have a play round! IT won't change anything on pc unless you want to install it!
  10. shooting them is cheper than sending them back..FACT £4.89 for a box of 50 winchester .22 subs
  11. Nope linux mint is piss easy to use, no f***ing about with code! unless you want to, you can download it and burn it to dvd and run it from that, and test it, then if you like install
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