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I arrived on the ground at 5am with a cold wind blowing but was still in confident mood . I glassed 2 white caudal patches in a plantation so decided to stalk in closer to see if I could find a buck. Anyway as I arrived where I needed to be I spied a couple of roe walking out the bottom of the plantation , a doe and doe kid.


I proceeded a bit further just in case they werent the original deer I had glassed , and I was lucky they werent. I peered over a banking and spotted the 2 roe , a buck and a doe . So I was lucky and the buck was bagged.


Poor sod was laden with ticks .





Then a spot of corvid control.....





Then off to try for a fox............





I was watching a doe through my bins when I suddenly spotted this one approaching me ..........





Heading back to the farm I couldnt believe my luck , I spied a 2nd fox, took it at 210 yds , well chuffed :D





What more could you ask for ? :D

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Guest Frank

You must have a freezer full of venison and a shed full of skins. :clapper::clapper:



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I'd be well pleased with that day out foxy :D .... Nice shooting :victory:

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Guest little_lloyd
:clapper: GOOD SHOOTING :clapper: Your making me hungry will all that venision and pidgeon ummm :D

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Guest Macnas

Days like that make up for a hell of a lot of blank ones.


Great pics too by the way.

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Not bad I suppose, lol.Hope that run of good luck extends to your stay down here mate ? :clapper::clapper:

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