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  1. v-max

    Best Boots For Hunting?

    Think as mentioned the lundhags are the best you will get & will last 10 years & more. They take a bit of breaking in but once done dam there great.
  2. v-max

    Sharp Tooth

    they still are green and made the same as always Funny becouse there was some come to Scotland last year & they were black & the teeth are defiantly diffrent & bend easier. I have a black one hanging in the shed never used yet unfortunately I haven't had the time or the chance to use it. I have seen another black one used & it bent a tooth. The green ones from a few years ago have diffrent teeth than my black one & I'm led to believe they are from the lad in Ireland. They were £50 but went up to £ now I beleave now maybe just a diffrent batch I don't know.
  3. v-max

    Sharp Tooth

    There good tools but there not as well made as they used to be. Used one from a few years ago it was green. The new ones are black & the teeth are diffrent & seem weaker than the older ones.
  4. v-max

    Cocker Spaniel

    Hi you could do with getting access to an area with a lot of sent of game etc on ground. A very good hight population of rabbits would be best with good ground cover for hunting to flush. If you could fall in with another cocker or ess to work in front of her & let her see. I can't beleave you can't get her working but a lot of scented ground should get her motoring along. You really need to find game laden ground with the sent to drive her it should just come natural. Either that they sold her on at that age for a reason. Might be worth finding a trainer with a rabbit pen I could well be money well spent to get her going etc hope this helps.
  5. v-max

    First Flight On The Mud Of The Season

    Like mik I really miss the geese & hearing them morning & night & miss getting out on the mud at them.
  6. v-max

    Hornet Reloading Query.

    Hi hornaday brass has a tight flash hole & will require remed out. I have a k&m flash hole tool i have both sizes of reamer but use smaller one on the hornet brass. Once done it don't need doing again
  7. Hi I have 15 month old boxed for 12 months high speed turrets boxed with all paperwork allen key sunshade bikini cover ch-3 reticule in absolute mint condition £1100 ono. Can do pictures via email I'm on barryw259@hotmail.com Cheers
  8. v-max


    Hi not really against it just cant beleave the cost & how its run over a 4 day course for what it is. I did mine on a 1 day course & just past the 50 question air due to never seen a wild muntjac or CWD & same with the 30 visual questions lost with what i havent seen. I am a person with vast deer experiance aswell hence the shooting never vazed me. Cant knock meetting new friends out of it & feel it is ok 4 days for novice but it is more than do able in 1 day. I have done a handful of level 2's also in my time even helped our own Mr foxhunter complete his level 2 & im sure he could tell you i know deer cheers.
  9. v-max


    If you have experiance then you should do a 1 day course & get the cd rom & learn at home. This 3-4 day courses are a rip off but are for complete novice with little or no experiance so most of the cost is in training over the 2-3days & i cant beleave people spend that amount of money doing it fools & money are easily parted.
  10. v-max

    25-06 Dies

    Hi i have in very good condition is a set of Lee deluxe die set & i also have RCBS 2-die set with 3 spare decapping pins for FL-die. Each set of dies £30 posted.
  11. Hi i have forsale my T8 mod in 1/2"unf thread for up to 243cal £75 or £100 via my RFD & the mod is in good condition. I have had it since around 5yrs old.
  12. v-max

    Cracked feet

    Hi i use livestock violet sprays the one i work is ultra violet from harbro & is £5-£7 for a 500ml spray & lasts ages.
  13. Was the stalker Scottish?? As if it was me or any other stalker i know who got you a 1st stag we would have bled you & you would have a very red face fae me of the stags blood its trdition.
  14. When you say open ticket do you mean for any land you have permission to shoot & invited placces??. If so it is easy to get an open ticket as all you say that you are out quite often looking for new ground or obtaining new ground etc so need FAC for all your permission & any other land obtained & or invited shoots easy shouldent be able to refuse you.
  15. v-max

    Changed my tumbling media tonight

    Must confess, although owning both a tumbler and an ultrasonic cleaner I came to the conclusion long time ago that shiney cases don't shoot more accurately. I just take a dab of Brasso to the neck to remove powder residue. To me its a bit like suggesting your clean car will go faster than when its dusty. Now if you want to talk about whether a clean barrel makes a difference.............. Hi clean cases arent just about how good they shoot they are easyer on your dies when sizing & will work better out of the magazine /floorplate of the rifle when chambering a round.