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  1. This pup is back up for sale as im moving in 4 weeks Mick..
  2. Got a picture of mum but not dad And a picture of the litter Both parents were used on lamp and ferreting PM me your email and will send them to you
  3. Nearly 11 weeks old Fully jabbed up Rough haired brindle bitch £50 Northampton
  4. Be nice pups them If I hadn't got a 5 month DH pup id be getting in touch for one Hope they go to good homes Mick..
  5. mick


    Yes there all signed Did have more already sold about 30 These arnt counting all me bull breed books ive got to sell theres about 70 of them + all me pitt mags Mick..
  6. mick


    I have the following books for sale,will get p&p prices on request. Darcy books of dogs and deers x2 £50 each the nick stevens story £20 running dog addiction £40 dig deep throw well back £ little dogs big hearts £ extreme lurcher work £150 now that's what I call terrier work volume 2 £30 now that's what I call lurcher work volume 1 and 2 £30 each david harcombe- work them hard treat them like heroes £40 the world of the working terrier £20 SOLD david bezant- ferreting £5 rabbiting terriers £5 brian plummer- the working terrier £10 the new complete lurcher £10 Helen hansell- the working whippet £10 david hancock- the world of the lurcher £10 jemima parry-jones- training birds of prey £10 Nicholas Hammond and bruce pearson- birds of prey £5 lee William harris- falconry for beginners-an introduction to the sport £5 johnny buck- breaking through £30 digging the dirt volume 1,2 and 3 £30 each james McKay- the complete jackrussel £5 the ferret/ferreting handbook £10 john hutcheon- the lurcher complete guide £5 ken davies- the better shot £10 sean frain- rabbiting with ferret,dog,hawk and gun £5 Jackie drakeford- the house lurcher £10 the working lurcher £10 understanding the working lurcher £10 rabbit control £5 frank sheardown- the working longdog £10 the lurcher training & hunting £10
  7. No I don't make them but I made this one with leftovers Needs to go £40 Mick..
  8. Model K9/b6 39 ins wide x 36.5 ins depth x 31 ins heigh Aluminium construction Heavy duty galvanised steel doors Powder coated finish Key lockable doors Removeable devider Anti slip mate Fits many vehicles £300 Northampton
  9. Fully insulated kennel Made out of insulated plastic same stuff as Designer kennels uses 26 ins High 30 ins Wide 23 ins Depth Draugth screen with jump over Inside sleeping area 14 ins X 20 ins £50 Northampton
  10. Galvanised run 1.5m x 3.5m with 6 roof brackets 3 x 1.5m 3 quarter solid 1 quarter bar 2 x 2m bar 1 x 1.5m door bar £450 Northampton
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