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  1. Hay all haven't been on here for some time ..how is every one ?? Anyone going pigeon or crow shooting on the 12th or 13th of July in hertfordshire I can tag along with dont mind putting some cash in your hand for the privilege just let me no no pigeons on my weat fields yet and just want to get out
  2. thanks for your help all fixed now there whas lots of shit in the pump running like a dream now
  3. hi all i have a rocky 2.8td and its running a bit bad it starts first time and ticks over a bit rough but when you rev it it will only go to 1500revs then it dies[it dosnt stall it just gos to 500revs]!!!! with white smoke! i have checked all pipes and there ok.i have put a new filter in. cleand tank and bled the diesel still the same there is no oil in water and no water in oil. IS THIS MY PUMP!!!!! thanks all
  4. hi mate whats the chassis like? i take it's not got eny mot or tax but have u got the log book?
  5. ready in two weeks.mum is deerhoundxbeared collie dad is suluki whippet greyhound both perents are working dogs. pups are rough coated and broken coated.wormed and healthy.bort up with other dogs and children viewing welcome deposit can be left to secure your pup.you wont be disapointed [work or pet] forgot to say these pups are dew clawed. 2 dogs and 2 bitch's left out of litter of 9 £150 please no time wasters.[/b] mumbitch'sdogs
  6. series 3 was £1800 a year sj410 was £1750 corsa that i cant fit in was £1700
  7. hi very happy today as i passed my driving test with only 1 yes 1 miner going to get a land rover or a sj410 very soon eny one got a land rover or sj410 for sale ???????[/size]
  8. very nice 125cc bike for sale 2007 bike with about 7 months mot & tax [£15 a year] very tidy eny Q? JUST PM ME£2500
  9. bsa supersport 22 gas ram for sale very good con very nice gun with hawk 3-9x50 scope sling and gun case will add pics soon pic up only in hertfordshire £230 ono thanks
  10. This is my 1st cross beddy wippet nice looking dog and a very good ferreting dog not to good on the lamp as she stands 17" so cant see the rabbits in the stubbel a very good bushing dog she will flush enything from birds to deer she loves it
  11. can a bsa barrel fit a bsa supersport?
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