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  1. robinmcleod2

    young light sussex and buff orpington cocks

    when ya comin to get them then haha
  2. free to good home big strong healthy birds ideal for breeding. county durham area. pm for more details
  3. robinmcleod2

    lightforce striker

    anyone ....
  4. robinmcleod2

    lightforce striker

    no sorry mate but its near enough brand new
  5. robinmcleod2

    lightforce striker

    no it handle bud
  6. robinmcleod2

    lightforce striker

    no filter with it
  7. robinmcleod2

    lightforce striker

    Lightforce striker for sale good condition £50 in county durham .. pm me for details. has to be collected
  8. robinmcleod2

    FOR SALE!!

    haha got me.
  9. robinmcleod2

    young hunters

    sent u a pm mate.
  10. robinmcleod2

    hancocks collie greyhounds

    couldnt fault mine
  11. robinmcleod2

    Broody hen!

    any silki cross does the job.
  12. robinmcleod2


    Pair of oxford old english game for sale £20.00 ring for more details on 07769723306
  13. robinmcleod2

    terrier dog kennel

    sorry mate it cant be dismantled. its £70
  14. robinmcleod2

    terrier dog kennel

    thanks mate
  15. robinmcleod2

    terrier dog kennel

    now got pic up