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Anyone Else's Lurcher a Thieving Little Bugger

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So the pup is over 4 and a half months old now. The training is going well got Recall etc sorted there's just one thing I am struggling with. He gets fed three times a day so isn't starving but every opportunity he gets to steal something he will!

He's had two plates down of the side and smashed them.

He had a bag of potatoes the other day.

And he had a sausage off the side last night!

He's fine when I'm around but if the phone rings or I nip out quickly for any reason he will be straight on anything I have given him a few good tellings off when I've caught him in the act but he is still carrying on! Any suggestions?


Oh and here he is looking all innocent....




Cheers Lads :thumbs:

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Comes with the teritory,   In the past,,, A lurcher who stole everything not nailed down, in an effort to cure it, the missus left out a mustard sandwich, came back to find him licking the fridge !

I have one here that is 10yr old that has done it all it's life and no matter what i tried he would still do it on the sly..one minute they was food on the work top the next it was gone without a soun

Mine is a theiving b*****d! He has had so many things i have lost count. Some of my favourites include an entire chocolate orange with 'popping candy', a massive bag of love hearts and other sherbert

I have one here that is 10yr old that has done it all it's life and no matter what i tried he would still do it on the sly..one minute they was food on the work top the next it was gone without a sound.. :D ..if he get's the chance he nick's whatever is there and goes and lay's down as though he has never moved..sly as fook he is..

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Are you sure it's him LoL

Mine would do exactly the same given the chance, but I always make sure nothing edible is within striking distance,learnt my lesson with some cheese once,never again, it was the last bit, and I was starving :laugh:

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goes with the territory i'm afraid, i look on it as a good sign, lurchers are meant to steal :icon_redface: one of my bitches at around 5 mth old stole and ate 3 trout totalling maybe 10lb, rch white lightning (hoachi to his pals weighing only 22lb and mentioned in a recent post on greyhound whippets) was left alone with the groceries for maybe 90secs in the car and ate a 4lb frozen chicken, my own nch pure genius ate a loaf of bread in between weighing in and racing :angel:

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Meg started with the freezer!....Opened the door and knocked the draw fronts off and took frozen joints won in the meat raffle weighing 1.5kg each and ate the fecking lot!...Now she regularly opens the fridge if I forget to wedge the door shut and clears me out....I take it as a prompt to worm her... :laugh: ..I was given a pheasant curry one night down the pub, in a sealed container of course, I stuffed it under the seat out of harms way.. :whistling: ...but she got under the seat and retrieved it... :censored: ...

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Glad to know he's not the only one! Makes me laugh really he also likes to drink out of glasses was laying on the sofa the other night watching telly with a pint of milk on the floor he managed to drink about 3 quarters of it without me noticing!

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I know it's not a lurcher but my brother has a terrier that open's the fridge and it also jump's on the work top and open's the cupboard's..he know's if it has done it when he get's in from work because it does not come to greet him like it normaly does.. :D

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yip its in there nature bud i have to remove the breadbin every night or when we go out if i dont its emptied doesnt beg as it dont get out. but it will steal out and only needs a second to do it mine is 14 month old fed twice a day plus all the leftovers and can stil eat a full warbys toastie and bag of bagels quick sticks. once while the mother in law was looking after him he stole and ate a 4 1/2 pound brandy fruit cake not only was he full after it but a bit leathered as well. as the MIL puts a fair amount of brandy in :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: .

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my husbands working sheepdog has been living in the house last few weeks since she was hit by a car, came home from shopping to find kitchen ransacked


1/2 loaf of bread

1 cuppa tea id left down

1 whole tub of butter

pack of biscuits


id only been gone 30mins

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I like to see a dog display a bit of initiative and character.....Think yourself lucky that the pup is bright enough to perform in such a sneeky manner!


My old dog lily is the greediest thing i ever did see. I have'nt the time to list everything she's stolen, but one occasion springs to mind. I had lifted out two frozen birds eye meat pies from the freezer. Put them on the kitechen table and nipped outside to do something. I was only gone for a few minutes but i returned to find two pristine pie foil cases on the floor and no pies. Now, if anyone knows how solid a frozen pie is they will know they're like a brick! And somehow the greedy sod had eaten both pies without so much as a kink in the foil . A miracle. :D

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ive had one the very same stole everything he could , he was fine when you were watching but the moment you turned your back it was gone , keep everything out of reach of him and when i went out make sure the kitchen door is shut properly if i made one mistake and left it open i would come home to a ransacked kitchen fridge door open and empty the lot , he never changed his whole life no matter what i done it must of been worth the telling of for the food i just learned to live with it and keep everything locked up or out his reach :)

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