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dogs seized in belfast

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Can someone explain "unnecessary suffering" ?


Maybe something like this..


im lost i cant see any explaination of unnecessary ssuffering there


can you see any unecessary suffering on that link


Yes, that link is full of unecessary suffering. I believe the point Waz is trying to make that the reluctance of the UK Government to tackle the badger population is resulting in widespread bTB in badgers. This is turn is being passed onto cattle which suffer before being destroyed. It also causes huge amounts of suffering to beef and dairy farmers. If the badger was a game animal, as in Europe, then hunters and terrier men could control the population for free, instead of costing the estimated £1.5 million per hectare the cull is estimated to cost.

oh right i was looking for dogs ,dont i feel like a right thick shit now

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Hope the lads fair out ok,because if them b*****ds get a conviction that will only be the start of it,also shame about the terriers as they were right good looking grafters.

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I dont disagree with what some of you are saying but.... you are assuming these lads have done something wrong, this is what the scum charity who think they are the judge and jury do and hoodwink the general public into believing also. Possibly just family pets?

what you mean good enough for them??? do you know what there getting charged for ......or is it quite possible its just another rspca officer thinking he knows best :bad:


not sure if its true but i heard that they were setting traps in car parks for feline having a course at them and got caught

atb artful

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Yer I agree with waz INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY theres far too much bollocks about, If u own a terrier and sum 1 comes round and sees a spade in ur garden shed ur automatically in the wrong even if ur a keen gardener

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