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  1. I'm glad we all agree on something for once.
  2. MUDD

    No car insurance?

    Doesn't look too good unless he can provide proof and paperwork off circumstances, even with that he wasnt insured so he's likely to lose the books.
  3. MUDD

    Well done Katy

    Well done Katie !!!
  4. Why when the light goes out is there no light in the room from the tele ?
  5. MUDD

    Todd Bentley

    Ive seen a few vids of this dude on utube, what do u guys think of him ? http://m.heraldsun.com.au/news/world/pastor-todd-bentley-sticks-the-boot-in-to-heal-sick/story-fnd134gw-1226443490054
  6. Yes the vet opened the surgery up and gave her two jabs said it was more than likely an illergic reaction to something, he told my mate not to feed her until he seen her this evening and the swellings well down. He gave her another two jabs, so it's looking good.
  7. MUDD

    Dope smokers !!!

    I know people who smoke it and never smoke tobacco. My brother inlaws like that waz, he wouldn't thank you for a ciggie but hes always smoking lol
  8. My mates springer bitch just turned a year old a few weeks back she had all her jabs off the breeder ( supposibly ) he just rang there as she's had the skits for a day or too and he's just went out to her and her heads swelled up to the point one off her eyes is nearly completely shut. No vomiting or anything else. I gave him a number for my local vet ( emergency number ) so hopefully he gets her looked at ASAP. Any ideas what could be wrong or what to give her in the meantime would be greatly appreciated. Thanks MUDD.
  9. Was at a wedding last nite and a few lads were puffing away out in the smoke hut. Doesn't baw me in the slightest may I add, I used to take a puff myself. Anyhow got talking to them and they started the old bollocks talk that it's actually good for you and shit like that. So I just said lads come off it like r yas taking the piss how the fucks it good for you? So they started again and it went on and on etc. What's your views on this. Is smoking dope good for you or not ??? Lol Oh and before we begin these guys hadn't any illnesses or disabilities that they would have benefited from smoking it.
  10. I thought this was the main problem resulting in the decline off eel. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anguillicoloides_crassus
  11. Nowhere near as many as before ff. I fish the lough regularly also the river blackwater, Lagan and bann and they have been on the decline this past few years.
  12. Dear bless us ! Ive pulled countless number off ticks from my terriers over the years, I knew not to do it in such a way that nothing's left inside them. But I've never knew, read or heard off anything like that before. I'll be investing in one off them wee tools I can tell ya. Cheers thl... Just goes to show that u do learn something everyday and this place is usefull sometimes. Atb
  13. Yeah there's a few wee groups like that on fb.
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