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New pup

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Here's a picture of the new edition, looking forward to the years in front of us out in the field. (That's if he ever sleeps at night !!!!!)


I've called him Sedge, any tips on a peaceful nights sleep would be appreciated. I've got him in a crate downstairs and let him out once in the early am for a pee. The rest of the time he barks and howls and wails ad barks and howls and wails and barks..................... ALL NIGHT. I have been reading that it maybe better to start with the crate next to the bed till he used to sleeping in it then moving downstairs. I know its all new for the little fella so i'm not to annoyed, just wish the wife felt the same. :wallbash: :wallbash:


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How can your wife not love him!!!!??? :wub:


Personally i always have puppies in my bed for the first 3 nights, i find it kick starts the house training, settles them and creates a strong bond.


Thousands will not agree but its how i've always done it and have never ever had a problem with crying when they go downstairs to the kitchen on the 4th night. A big feed before bed can help and the obvious things like a radio on, a well wrapped hot water bottle, ticking clock, etc etc . . . . . If you do go down in the night, put the pup out, let it do its business then straight back to the crate and leave him again. But like i said, my method has always meant i've never needed all the other stuff. Good luck he's lovely! :thumbs:

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Our Lab was getting us at ungodly times in the am. After reading some advice on here I changed his feeding routine so he was eatting in the morning, 1pm and then at 9pm or even later. We let him go out for the toilet right before we go to bed and then put him in his crate with the telly left on quiet, the hall door shut, some cuddly toys and his other posesions. We've had him something like 3 weeks now and he's been getting better now and doesn't get us up till 6:00 or 6:30.


Luckily he's allowed out in tot he real world now so I can walk him a few times round the block to tire him out as well.


Good luck mate

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nice pup mate...lookes smooth haired thow.my sisters got two from good lines,what you using him for.looks the bis.good luck.


Picked the darkest one in the litter, this "should" mean he has a small amount of coat and won't be the really woolly type. He's already getting a bit of a wirey face and should look just like a working strain rather than the show type. Planning on working him on the rough shoot / beating and stalking in the years to come, can't wait.





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