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  1. I used to work in the print they used to ha a finishing department their, which do you prefer hand finishing or mechanical ??
  2. Balls no balls, bitches no need to check unless you realllyy want to ?? just dogs that will help teach your dog to be a dog, what is a finisher never heard of a vizsla that was a finisher I know they can hunt all day, point & hold game flush the game on command, mark the fall of game and retrieve game A lot of falconers use them so they miss out the retrieve oh stalkers use them to blood trail shot game & return to the handler & lead it to the carcase, but finisher never heard off that one.
  3. Time, yep socialising, yep training, yep But he would benefit from mixing with stable & well socialised & adult dogs & humans good luck with it, what work do you intend to use you dog for??
  4. Asked a mate of mine if he could put some rabbit traps out as farmer is going mental & I cannot be in two places at once he put 5 out yesterday 14.30 yesterday went & had a look this morning 04.30 all gone I have now got to get him some new traps & he wont put any more out great eh
  5. Your dog was doing the only thing it could as a pup submit to a dominant dog, if it had shown any aggression that would/could have turned nasty, as your dog gets older it may show a different attitude to similar situations & to be honest vis's are a bold breed but not an aggressive breed & they will be their as your hunting partner and will serve you 100%, as would most dogs (mans best friend) so I would think you should show the same curtsy to the dog, maybe not getting involved helped/stopped any aggression?? and if the dog had turned on you your bro your dog would have waded in wit
  6. So sad !! you do not have a clue who is the 10 month old you or the dog, give it back to your girlfriend & get yourself a rattle or something soft to play with.
  7. All Day long every day season or not
  8. I do remember reading they were used for hunting by John churchill, the earl of Marlborough I think he was a little famous he had a battle at Blenim & that is the reason the brown & white ones are called blenim I have seen a cavalier work with just as much vigor as some cockers ive seen
  9. NO, separately they are and No I think their are enough breeds of gundogs out their with hundreds of years of breeding, crossing for longevity is bs more likley to produce dogs with problems inherent in either breed atb
  10. Nice pup nice choice (best to take dog to bed & keep mrs in the crate)
  11. cheers thanks for the info Davy63, i will tell the guy in the shop he is talking crap atb
  12. Hi Davy63 does that apply to a sling as well, am going to get a hw 100 soon (saving up) was told if i fitted a sling the warranty would be void, but i want a sling
  13. Yep you sure would, they need time & patience he needs to know you have some idea, he has an instinct to hunt, point, retrieve hundreds of years breeding & you need to control that, read hpr books get advise from people who train hprs (as you have a viz people who train vizslas they know the dos & donts) in the end you will have a dog who will trust you & want to work with you, at the moment he is giving you the finger as you & he dont know how to work together & its all a game & you have to try & get the excitment level down easy said i know mine is over 2 1/2
  14. Hi all went out this morning to have a look at other parts of the permission ive got, tried one spot but it was still to overgrown so we packed up & moved back to were we had worked two weeks ago to let one of the jills have a go & we could cover all holes, nothing much happening, new jill giving us the run around having a whale of time down their, the mk 3 got a good work out kev dont like reckons it was picking up the colar he lost in northampton & its orange (i think he is a mk 1 man) I managed to track the ferret dug down spot on a stop end (its still orange) we carried on ke
  15. Thank you Dave C But boy it is amazing to watch my favourite at the moment is a nice cheek wind, working away then he goes onto a rock hard point sometimes straight as a rod others bent double he wii wait for me to send him in i get a face full of cock fezie great atb
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