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  1. Alright guys, Just to let you all know I've been and paid the deposit for my new pup. They are still with mum at the minute but will be picking her up this time next month, I really can't wait! Will keep you posted and post pics when I can Cheers
  2. My 14 month old black lab has gone lame, just called the vet and she asked if he was eating and drinking ok, which he is, he just won't put any weight on his back leg. I've had a firm feel of all his joints without a peep from him, she is going to take a look at him first thing in the morning. I hate the thought of him suffering
  3. would rather be out walking the dog than go to work

  4. Has anyone got any thoughts on these items? Milner are selling a a kit for 10 quid, oil, air & fuel. Has anyone had any problems??? They are to cheap to be true Regards
  5. I stand corrected, and I've learnt something too. Cheers matey ATB Dave
  6. Poacher, this story was on the BBC news this morning. The reason for the tail being as short if I heard correctly was due to a unfortunate accident, being caught in something but also if I heard correctly the dog kept working and it didn't phase him. ATB Davelad
  7. I agree with Cold Ethyl, my lab gets skinners and loves it. As above, keeps him steady weight and his coat is in top condition. ATB DaveLad
  8. I use Skinners Field & Trial. Along side mixing it up a little with liver or beef or such like. Have a look at http://www.skinnerspetfoods.co.uk/products/Field---Trial-Products/ Dave
  9. I was just concerned about warmth in the winter?? It'll be better to keep clean etc I guess
  10. Alright guys, Quick question, I'm moving house next month and I'm unsure what to do about a kennel for the dog??? Ive got a builder mate and he has suggested I build a kennel from a load of bricks he has left from a job and just line it with timber etc or do I go and buy a timber kennel and run?? Any thoughts
  11. I've used Milners Off Road for leaf springs for my L200 mate, very reasonable they were too. Dave
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