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  1. Dave C

    Just A Few Photo's

    He is looking good Keith, how did his season go ? Did you get him on the Pheasants as well ?
  2. Used a Farm at Kirby Stephen just otherside of the Pennines mate and the birds were good, but cant remember the name or number. Been using a guy at Penrith last 2 seasons
  3. Dave C

    Bushing With Beating Dog

    Yes i use all my gundogs for bushing with my Lurcher, i also use them with friends Lurchers / Terriers with no problems. Like said above they have to be finished with their training and you have to be strict with the stop whistle.( especially with Spaniels which can easily loose there heads) I have a young Springer 8 mounth which i took on the last 2 days of the season, i will take her out bushing over the summer but will just treat it like an ordanary beating day and hunt her under control not letting her run riot with the other dogs. My Lab on the other hand has always ran with the pack, i also let her run in and never attempt to control her in anyway with the whistle, as this would dilute any training done. But as soon as the whistle comes out she is back to a gundog and it works very well and i tell you what you have never seen a keener hunting Lab. And being only 21" she is Mustard in the cover. I know 99% of Gundog trainers will be screaming "NO" at the computer screen, but if you get your training drummed into them, then do plenty of refresher training before next season, you will have some cracking fun.
  4. Dave C

    Pointer X Spaniel

    I have seen 2 working while out shooting, both took more the the GWP, 1 being the same size as a ESS, the other exactly like a GWP. Both were good hunters of fur and feather, although 1 was a bit wild but that was down to the owner. neither pointed but both hit cover well and were excellent retrievers on land and water.
  5. Dave C

    Keepers Day

    Was on our shoot Sat, am beating / picking up over Cumbria tomo and our beaters days are this Friday and Saturday, bring it on
  6. Dave C

    Some Good Days Out

    Some cracking pictures there mate, nice looking dogs as well
  7. Dave C

    I'm Sick Of The Wind

    Yeh everything has been against you mate, but sounds like her catch ratio is quite good
  8. Dave C

    I'm Sick Of The Wind

    Sounds good mate, only 2 weeks of Shooting left then I am up for that mate
  9. Dave C

    What Is The Smallest Retriever

    Cocker Defo mate Little package but a heart like a lion
  10. Dave C

    I'm Sick Of The Wind

    Dog & Hawk are looking well mate Sounds like it's all coming together for you , bet it feels good after all the work you have put in Nice one.
  11. Dave C

    How Time Flys.....daisy

    Nothing better than when it all comes together with a young pup Credit to you mate, you get out what you put in, she a looker as well
  12. Dave C

    Game Strips?

    As above Kale strips are good and also Cannary Grass is very good.
  13. Dave C


    When it has proven its worth on the shooting field.
  14. Dave C

    From The Crib To The Field

    Good for you mate, there is no better feeling when it all starts coming together
  15. Dave C

    Troy Progress

    Looking good mate