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  1. Dam wish you were closer Id have the lot off you
  2. My bad I miss read post you dont need it on to get the work done, just to bolt it on after. If you state health and safety hearing protection I cant see it being an issue
  3. Yes you need a slot on your FAC for a moderator Between £ and £120 I was quoted between £ and £100 to screwcut a .243
  4. Ill take a 12 please..PM me how you want paying cheers D
  5. As has been said its all about good reason I got .17hmr, 22rf, .243 and short barrelled 9mm shotgun on mine first go
  6. I have one of these on my belt all the time, with a blade tech sharpener in the glovebox, guts rabbits, cuts pegs, sharpens pencils etc etc. And if you loose it not the end of the world. http://www.heinnie.com/Knives/Mora-Knives/Mora-Clipper/p-92-304-4200/ Got both of mine for less than £10 shopping round and at game fairs
  7. hi, wat sort of trap is that. did u get it from usa, i think i'v seen a video on you tube of them being used. r they any good. Interesting I got a couple from killgerm but no success with them as yet Had 5 this week in the half barrels though
  8. Had a Yeoman O/U multichoke ejector for 23 years never missed a beat.
  9. Stephen You have pm here and at SD Cheers
  10. They are a nightmare...I gently tease out the turf and scrap the run a bit deeper and push the half barrel into that, then (watching fingers) firm the soil back in the run under the trap...Hope that makes sense. Doesnt always work can end up just chasing them round the garden.
  11. Remmington HMR Accu tip £21 per 100 Winchester Ballistic Tip £23 per 100 Winchester Hollow Point £18 per 100 Hornady Ballistic Tip £21 per 100 Thats at Thame Or my local RFD its closer to £26 per 100 in Reading
  12. Im like Johnb with the flatpack ones, I do just slightly adjust the trigger to get it springing a bit closer to the head and neck of mole..I dont weather just get the straight into the ground they soon weather in that way.
  13. I get from Fourteenacre http://www.fourteenacre.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/
  14. I get from Fourteenacre http://www.fourteenacre.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/
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