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lakeland terriers

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I was at a show on Sunday and there was a lot of Lakelands of various guises , white / black / red and black n tans . Imoa they were rubbish nothing like what they were originally bred to purpose for . It's good to see on here some stronger type like they should be imo and doing what they were bred for . I would just like to say not all of the Lakelands were rubbish but the strong type never got a look in . So sad to see 

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The recent pictures of red Lakelands are a very nice type. Whatever the recent breeding I would imagine Middleton and/or Ward blood in there ultimately going back to the likes of Irving etc. Used to be a common but good working type. Good to see that they're still about.

We even got one from the local cat 'n dog shelter 30 odd year ago. Probably a pet that got too much to handle. Took to work from day one. A hard bitch, very hard, but always managed to do her job and never came to grief. Never bred from, a mistake but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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