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  1. any one else got dogs sired by kahn
  2. the dog in the top pic to his daughter i will get a pic up
  3. ,,gutted,, me and twobob had the best part of 100 digs with Ron and he wasn't for the faint hearted befor you could get a look at an earth coller on dog in he was a true terrier man and he will be greatly missed (the old fella)
  4. There looking well lads I will get a pic of my one soon a.t.b brog
  5. If any one could help i am Looking for a good large breed running dog for f.d somthing thats up and going or ready to start the dog will get the best of working homes and good price for the right dog thanks for looking and any help apriciated a t b brog
  6. Thanks mate if you pm me the address I sort it out thanks For not laughing at me for having egg on my face the roll was nice A.t.b brog xxxx lots of love
  7. Thats not yours grans underwear its twobobdog1 Thanks mate just found the pic before you got your tats . Love brog
  8. Thanks mate for all your support she still is ant talking to me Or answering my text but time will tell
  9. If you like what you see just pm me for a good time I might look like a man but I'm all woman
  10. As tittle reads I'm sick of terriers and geting rid of the lot And starting what I was born to do if any one don't like it kiss my Arse [attachment= Thanks for the support lads you know who you are
  11. you should keep 1 of the collers turnd off thank you bud i new there would be a solution
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