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  1. Termite

    patterdales in ireland

    Mixed Grill are you D.J Green
  2. Termite

    Ray Walker Terriers

    Thanks for replies lads,case of if you dont ask you don't know. Worth a try.
  3. Does any lads on here keep or know of anyone that keeps old ray walkers stuff at all? I'm looking for a pup from that stuff if anyone can help. Long shot I know as there was not much of his stuff about to start with.
  4. Termite

    Lurchers Starved

    Is he on herre?
  5. Termite

    Lurchers Starved

    Words fail me!!!
  6. Termite

    Working A Bitch In Season

    Thanks for the replies,much appreciated and informative. I dont really want to be leaving her off for 10-12wks as she is only young and want her to learn on the young naieve rabbits that are about this time of year still. Will bare in mind about muscle loss,speed etc;not something i was familiar with. Thanks all
  7. My lurcher bitch has typically come in season at the start of the lamping season,do you lads work them still or do you think it affects them too much? She is only 13mth old so has only been out a handful of times. I lamp on my own so never have hassle of a friend bringing a male dog and any accidents. I know greyhound bitches that are in seadon regular are a pain in the ass and dont get ran,just wondered what you lads would do,lay her up or carry on lamping.
  8. Termite

    Taking Jills Out Of Season

    Your as easy with the Jill jab from the vet,cheap and simple.
  9. Termite

    Morning All.

    Hi all,im on here atlast! A friend told me about this site but technology isnt a strong point of mine. I run a lurcher and work a couple of terriers so hope to have plenty to contribute to the site. Atb Termite
  10. Termite

    Gary Middleton

    How very sad to hear,i knew gary fairly well,had many a pint with him at the shows. RIP Gary,thoughts to Ruth and family.