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  1. I would recommend doing the that as I never used dogs and then got myself a trained Springer and was the best thing as you can't believe how much stuff you miss when not working the cover with dog's and it's a plus side to as it stops you doing the cover work just sit back and let the dogs do the work for you.
  2. Tell me about the heat as its messy up the Gos as they don't like it .and the cover is good for me to work the three Springer in over the gos
  3. YEAH it's is I just can't understand way I've been trying for 2 full season and never showed any interest in rooks and this season she wants to kill them all around her.it must be a Gos thing .
  4. Well done mate I missed my first Harris was a pure machine at everything.
  5. Today me and the mate went out a run with the big girl and we spotted this rook 200 yrds out in a pack and the Gos see it to and shot out the window like a rocket and then the rook seen the Gos coming and lifted and the Gos put the rook under pressure it hit the ground and the Gos shot over it and automatically did a u turn and took off after it again for another 200 yrds chase and just seen the rook started to head for a hedge on the other side of the road with the Gos close on its tail and then seen a puff of feather in the mid air and knew the Gos has it today she was 2lb 10 oz on the dot.
  6. Yeah as we have to start and push her ready hard on them to get a few under her belt.
  7. She did well the day mate the best we've seen so far .haha they nearly come off with the bare wire .
  8. It's only took me 3 years and got my first rook.it was out a 100 yds sitting on a wall beside a fence and the Gos seen it a took off out the window and the gos didn't go straight at it as it took a left turn down low to the ground then the rook lifted as it seen the Gos and the Gos did a hard right turn at and the rook flipped over the fence and took of down the field and the gos powered up and flipped over the fence after it and then the rook flipped over the fence again as the Gos was close on its back and the Gos still chasing it hit it around 200 yds in mid air and seen a puff out feather
  9. Manage a quick hour out and bagged another rabbit
  10. Haha you got that existed that I couldn't hear right and nearly fell over the gate as I just could hear you shouting like mad .
  11. Well after spending a good few weeks on rope pulls me and the mate went out for a rook to see if she'll get one and seen this grey back sitting close to a hedge and let the Gos see it and took off after it and a 60 yard chase to the Gos took the grey back in mid air well over the moon as its the nearest to a rook.big girl was 2lb 10 oz
  12. Well after spending a week at rope pulls to get the big girl abit more fitness training and weight drop down to 2lb 10 oz as she started to mess around at 2lb 12 1/2 oz.and bagged a rabbit tonight on the lamp.
  13. Haha stick with the Harris as you can get off with this as with a Gos there smart as hell and not get off with things.but once you fly one ull not go back to a Harris .
  14. I would hunt with my mate and his lurcher and with the two English spaniel and a sprocker.
  15. There's alot of work in them and took me ten years to make my mind up from changing to Gos from a Harris.as the Gos has a mind of its own as I learned that lesson last nite was hunting away at pigeons and just in a click of a button the Gos took off up to a 100ft tree and wouldn't come back down and spent to whole nite out until this morning at 7 I got her back.
  16. Out today with the Springer and any whole he marked stuck the ferrets in 3 in the day and a day off tomorrow for her
  17. Today a farmer had problem with street pigeon and he as one less
  18. So went out tonight with the lamp and bagged another two rabbits.
  19. It's going OK so far as she not fit yet as I'm still at the Fitness training as I've started late this year with the weather being far to warm
  20. First partridge for the season
  21. Today I got out a run with the ferrets and Springer and bagged another two rabbits
  22. Tonite there was no wind so I took the Gos out a run with the lamp and bagged another rabbit
  23. Tonight the wind was fine for the Gos took her out a run with the lamp and in the second slip number 3 rabbit was in the bag and home in time for bed.
  24. Today the big girl was flying free and bagged two rabbits today weight was 2lb 12 1/2 oz
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