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  1. hi ive been flying birds or prey for ten year and I had a female harris I had for many years.and then got myself a female gos this is a andy hunter breed bird and only this year bird ive only took 60 headed quarry with her from doves to rabbit,so here is a few pics of her,
  2. I like to make my mesh 18 long and just keep going [BANNED TEXT] down to 3ft 6in with the same mesh sizes
  3. Its always nice to get your young bird going.as ive just got myself a young female goshawk.and cant wait to next season to get her going again.
  4. Yous are lucky to get a prices as over with me no vets does this anymore.
  5. Hi I was recommend bye a [BANNED TEXT] to join this group.as ive been hunting over 10 years with birds of prey as it the minute I own a female northern goshawk and hunt a springer spaniel over her and I'm in the training stage of a young sprocket pup to work over the gos as well
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