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  1. Howdy,

    I'll be taking a road trip all around southern England for about a week and a half starting Sunday. Not sure where you're located, but if it's in the area I'd love to buy you a beer or burger while chatting over how your dog works. Alternatively, if you're not in the area maybe we can talk on this forum some more. I think a pointer lurcher could be a great potential dog for me, but there's not a lot of examples out there. Anyhow, not sure where you're located, but thought I'd take a chance. 


    1. coverdogs


      Hello Michael,

      Sorry but i am in  Donegal Ireland  a bit far away for you. i am sorry i didn't get back to you sooner been busy this last while.  i haven't time to talk now buy if you want to ask me anything just message me and i will get back to you as soon as i can. A.T.B. Gerard

  2. Anyone connected to those guys down in the Canary Islands? Headed there on Tuesday for a week. I think they're hunting season is probably over, but would be cool to see some different dogs. Actually leaving UAE tonight. Tried to see some Salukis in their native environment, but despite the plethora of falconry experiences offered there's not much for the dogs.
  3. If you end up finding good pointer lurchers in the States, let me know. I've been living in Germany for a bit, but will be moving back to Texas in August. I think in the next few years I'd like a pair of those for my next dogs to do a little bit of everything with. Best of luck! -Michael
  4. msula87

    Toe Injury

    Thanks for the input. It's great having access to such a knowledge base. I'll do my best to keep him calm for a few weeks then work him back up. It does seem to be amazing how these dog adapt. -Michael
  5. msula87

    Toe Injury

    Thanks for the reply and advice. The vet xrayed it and nothing's broken. Through palpation/manipulation she thinks its a tendon/ligament a little further up his foot/ankle joints and I agree. He is mostly a pet, but I like doing active things with him. We were just starting to get back into schutzhung/ipo here in Germany after a fews years off so I supposed that'll go to the back burner again until we work through your suggested rehab. Like you said, something always seems to be happening to these high drive dogs! If anyone else has anything to add feel free. Thanks again. -Michael
  6. msula87

    Toe Injury

    I tried searching old posts for this topic and couldn't find anything, but maybe I just don't know how to use the search function. I apologize if this is a repeat question. My doberman has an injury that is apparently quite frequent in sight hounds so I was hoping y'all would have some experience. I've attached a picture of his rear paw and I've linked below a couple other pictures I found of similar injuries. My vet and good old google research seem to agree that it's some sort of tendon or ligament injury in the foot. My vet used a soft wrap to try and immobilize it in hopes the ligaments will grow back together. I've seen online some people do surgery to reconnect the ligaments or use rigid casts or pins to stabilize during healing. Do you have any experience with this? Is it something that will fully heal, something I should seek surgery for, etc.? Thanks in advance for your advice. Always love reading about your stories, keep it up! Hoping to see this site hit 1,000,000 posts. http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/254180-dislocated-or-broken-toe-pics-added/ https://www.justanswer.com/dog-health/6e3yv-hi-please-tell-whats-wrog-dogs-rear-toe.html -Michael
  7. msula87

    Dog And Mink Tag Team A Muskrat

    Thanks for the note on the other thread. I had watched this video already (as I have most of yours, and I too must compliment the handle you've put on your dog!), but hadn't browsed this thread yet. Really interesting information here. It's cool to hear how she stacks up against the stags in a jack rabbit race. Coons can definitely be tough buggers! My buddy retired his lacy dog from them after losing a good part of his ear. I'm thinking of a lurcher for my next dog as well. I'd like the dog to be able to catch rabbits and hog, and do bird work. I was thinking a coyote stag crossed to a GSP. Might be asking too much from one dog, so maybe I'll just have to get two! I'm fine with a jack of all trades, master of none dog as that sort of reflects my hobbies as well. Anyway, really missing dog work over here in Germany although I'm making connections to make it happen here too. Keep putting the updates out! May have to swing through Utah in a couple years when I get back stateside to see your operation. There's a couple of dog men out your way I'd like to meet too. One's got a decent youtube channel you may want to check out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtVDfG3GPTm8FbNY0Bb-oBA -Michael
  8. Hey Joseph, Any chance of seeing Onsa coursing jackrabbits in the near future? I figure she'll be about a year and a half by the time the weather cools off again. I remember from the video you made when you got her having enough speed to catch jack rabbits was a big priority when looking for a dog. Really like the videos. Keep them coming! -Michael
  9. msula87

    Anyone In Germany?

    General lee, since you're offering I'll likely be taking you up on that because the reason I moved here is to travel. This move has been planned long before the current election cycle if that's what you were thinking. ;-)
  10. msula87

    Anyone In Germany?

    mushroom, that's a shame about France. Some states in the US have the same rules for dogs chasing deer. We actually live pretty near the center of Heidelberg. What's the name of the restaurant? Yes, I'm from Texas, but lived in Tennessee for a year before moving to Germany. Moving here was my first time being in the country. Liking it so far. Went to the England and Ireland for just a couple weeks about a decade ago. Looking forward to being able to make more visits now thought that I'm in the general area. At least from a Texan's perspective. C.green, any idea what part of France your friends hunt in? I know rules can vary from region to region. THANKS for the replies guys. If you ever find yourself near Heidelberg give me a shout! -Michael
  11. msula87

    Anyone In Germany?

    Recently moved to Germany 1 hour south of Frankfurt in Heidelberg. Are there any dog men in Germany or maybe eastern France? It's hard to find reliable info on hunting given the language barrier, but I believe hunting with dogs is outlawed in Germany. Then again I've also seen online mention of people still doing it legally under strict regulations. Anyhow, moved over here not knowing anyone, and I figured the dog community is a great place to start. Happy Hunting, Michael
  12. msula87

    Day Out...

    This idea would probably take the fun out of the whole thing for you, but those dog owners/show organizers would likely pay you to take those pictures. They're that good! -Michael
  13. msula87

    Ancient Hunting Dogs

    Xenophon was an ancient Greek who wrote a book titled On Hunting which deals primarily in hunting with dogs. Its on my reading list for someday.
  14. msula87

    Evenings At The Dog Pen

    Wales1234, I live in Nashville so if you need anything when you arrive just let me know. I'd be happy to show you around. BlackStreak, like seeing the pics of the dogs. I'm the same way with my bird dog. She hunts whatever she wants while we're out on walks, but if she flushes a rabbit I don't necessary encourage it.
  15. msula87

    Gun Dog Training Book

    Gun Dog by Richard Wolters is sort of the standard in America for what it's worth. http://www.amazon.com/Gun-Dog-Revolutionary-Training-Method/dp/0525245499 -Michael