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  1. I had a bitch that had pups cut out of her before, I had to bottle feed them for a week or ten days until she heeled. Your bitch might be still a bit sore. Good luck with it.
  2. Do you give them heads raw or boil them??
  3. So your tellin me that if 2 good terriers are bread then every pup in the litter should turn out as good as the mother an father... that just doesnt happen maybe most but not all.
  4. Best to the best might not produce the best its mostly down to luck imo but obviously good blood helps
  5. I have 4 pups here planing on keepin 2. De biggest 1 i plan on keepin wont let the others near food an [BANNED TEXT] ders food down dey wont even go in to the box with him.. i often hear that the 1s who do all de fighting wit other dogs might not be as good a worker i was wondering if this was just a myth or actually true..
  6. In peoples experience does de dominant pup in the litter turn out 1 of the best or can the quiet 1s turn out hardier as they get older??
  7. What age would u use it until??
  8. Ha never heard it said in my part of the world lad.. sure it just a question about how big my pup could grow ta its not as if i no him or he nos me..
  9. Ive kep 4 on my small bitch she bred to a big dog in ur experince did de pups come much bigger than the bitch?
  10. Any one have any tips on getting pups eating mine are 4 weeks now tryin them on porridge and watered down milk wit cereal an they have little interest in it
  11. My patt bitch 53 days now checkin every few hours durin de nite looks lik shes ready ta pop any minute..
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