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  1. No, that;s me off Australian Cattle Dogs now. I'll stick with my GSD.
  2. These are fine hounds and riding the horse with the dogs alongside reminds me of a youtube video today of a guy driving a jeep with the Deerhound running just at the side of the road. The added view the rider has of the terrain. I think this is how you would get the best out of hunting with Deerhounds rather than what they can show you chasing a hare with a lot of law.
  3. I can see the sense of this statement in 1 way but, 38 rabbits the man can catch. If I were after a dog foremost for hunting ability and not just standing up to the rain, sleet, weather and more rain and then the constant terrain challenges first before finally getting to the likely hunting spot there'd be no way I'd use a pure Deerhound for anything other than an actual Stag. Not even a roe deer maybe. There's not too much good flattish park land in Scotland. Definitely less in the west. On accessible good land that's not too bumpy I cannot think of 1 good reason I'd have Deerhound in the mix of a running dog.
  4. 38 rabbits caught by someone is a thing I'll likely not see. Aye, that ability to get back on terms with quarry quick is the big bonus of a shepherd type in the mix as you point out. I'll possibly go that route. Deerhounds are great dogs but the showring may turn them into a big toy if the coursing, racing side of them isn't selected for. The showring criteria changed Alsatians as we all know.
  5. Sounds a good dog. I'd heard and I can't remember where I got it from, that Deerhounds would strike up, for the likes of Deer but not so much down for the smaller prey, rabbits. It's just maths really that a tall dog is longer running when reaching legs forward and rear legs back. They must be 6" at a stretch running. Mind you they've got the coat for the rain here which is 1 reason for thinking about Deerhounds. They've got the big paws for rough ground, even walking to a hunting spot anywhere around here a greyhound type might not find easy.
  6. Sorry to interrupt a very informative post. The questions were answered pretty quick so thanks to all that responded. I'll follow up on some o' the ideas and suggested threads to read. Cheers
  7. Beinn An Tuirc Gin is a newer Gin local to Argyll, quite new, quite good, postage cost not bad, webpage o' the same name.
  8. Where would I contact the guy for the details and could I use a transport service?
  9. Makes total sense for a working dog. BTW Alsatian Greyhound seems a good cross. Does he run cunning on the rabbits or has he got a lot of speed still. Alsatians are still fast.
  10. Aye, they seem handy. I'll have a read of that Alan Sankey thread.
  11. Well, I've heard, probably on here too, that Deerhounds strike prey differently than a whippet say and are likely not much good for the rabbits that have undermined a few of the houses around me.
  12. It doesnae matter if it's done under a horse or no. As long as thepups are born healthy. £25 sounds pretty dam reasonable for a good working sire.
  13. Hi, I am still quite new on here and haven't really posted much at all. Well, I've finally made the decision to try and buy a hound. Since reading Lurchers and Longdogs as a boy I suppose I've preferred "running dogs." The only other type I would put any effort into getting would be a good Alsatian. I have done a bit o' thinking and a Deerhound or Scottish Deerhound if you prefer or a long dog with a lot of Deerhound would suit me fine. There are several fantastic Deerhound breeders webpages on line. Some offering remarkably detailed info about pedigrees which must take long hours and dedication to write up. However, I am left with 1 question which I don't want to raise with any breeder months before possible litters are to be offered for sale. I'm going to divvy it up into the 4 options I'm really most interested in. Price? Simples. How much do average pedigreed level Deerhound pups sell for usually at 12 weeks? How much, and where in south Kintyre, Scotland, are Deerhound x racing Greyhounds sold for? How much might a top level champion Deerhound dog sell for? How much might it cost for a good sound Deerhound stud to service a normal or racing Greyhound? I simply ask the question on here as I suspect the real knowledge and experience it would take to know the answers to this question are to be found right here. Possibly including from some of the top flight sighthound breeders in person. If I get a few great answers at all I'll be well pleased and a wee bit more knowledgable 2. Chears and let the games begin.
  14. I've heard collies have been used by some right enuf. They're Border Collies, aye?
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