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  1. I went back to them a couple of years back but I use the 10Aah , I’ve got a couple £18 each I paid off EBay and they fit in the 7ah bag . Like I’ve said before I use the 50w bulb so I get hours of lamping out of them the few times I do lamp these days ??
  2. I said on the way home the last few years the Dales as had the best summer weather in Yorkshire , last year I can remember the farmers wishing for rain the field were brown, I've not seen a bad winter up there for about 6 years but that was a bad one with snow drifts to the top of the walls with rabbits starving to deaf with some spots never recovering from it.
  3. Cheers , collie whippet beddy whipppet greyhound mate
  4. Tbh mate I'm at it with the dogs most of the year early mornings unless it's too bad.
  5. But after a two hour drive you give it a go ?
  6. Just turned six months old and like a little 19 inch gazelle, only her second walk today because she’s out all day tomorrow, it’s going to fecking kill me this pup ??
  7. Cheers Doug but I'll stick to the hobs for that kind of land mate ? Atb ?
  8. Their not the kind of warrens you work on your own are they mate, thank feck most bolted ?. Sounds a good afternoon ? It can be fun getting the pups going but they can be a pain too, this little fecker is off it's head ?
  9. Cheers niel , yes they had to work hard to shift them, we had a few digs too and when I broke through on one I could of fit in the tube, I think it would of been a waste of time with jills.
  10. I keep both mate , jills for little warrens and when I'm just having a little mooch and hobs when I'm out with mates working large warrens and warrens that you know will have wide tunnels like yesterday on sandy land. The fawn pup as just turned 6 month and only 19'' tts she's ACD x whippet greyhound collie whippet greyhound, the rough bitch is 21'' collie x whippet cross beddy whippet greyhound , the brindle bitch is about 23'' saluki x whippet greyhound put back to a greyhound.
  11. Bolting to the dogs out of some big open sand sets today, the dogs run well and the six hobs did a good job shifting them out of the 12 to 16 inch tunnels.
  12. Saluki x whippet greyhound put back to a greyhound, a good all rounder and a very good rabbit bitch , cheers
  13. A few more cleared today
  14. No problem, good luck with the pups mate you’re a better man than me bringing 2 pups on out of the same litter ones enough for me ??
  15. Got a 100w Osram bulb here I don’t use and a connection for the battery but you’ll have to wire it straight to the lamp. I don’t lamp much now and if I do I like the 50w bulb. If their any good to you I’ll stick them in a envelope and send them to you for free to any address you pm me mate
  16. When we had finished bolting I had a walk about with her she stood at point marking a small patch of reeds then flushed the rabbit ran and caught it I couldn’t of been more happy with her ?. Good luck with your pup this season Neil ?
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