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  1. HI there if bitch still for sale PM me im am very interested in bitch all I do is a bit of lamping and ferreting cheers
  2. you have a good mate will nice with a good mule in it
  3. some nice comments lads you cant beat a good money bag I allways put my ferrets in a box till I get to where I am going then put it in a bag and away I go happy days
  4. WE have one in Durham roe stag very nice to see
  5. VERY good comment wi11ow I have a spaniel x whippet it dose catch it,s fair share of game but is just a pleaser to just walk ruff ground and just watch it work
  6. HI there If you can get a dog what marks it is worth its wait in gold it makes ferreting so much fun Iv got a ess x whippet it is a very good marker where it marks put your net on put the ferret in and sit back
  7. [PS] thay just on tape not dvd,s
  8. HI there I have all of jacks game some ware I will have look this week if so I will get back to you or pm me [will-I-am]
  9. BOTH dogs I like the black dog best iv pick a black bitch but i temted to keep the dog witch ever one is left I carnt make my mind up lt a hard to choose
  10. THATS a dog there was blue dog and blue bitch and two black are dog and bitch blue bitch as gone two Leeds. THANKS FOR LOOKING
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