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    i dont get out and about as much i want to these days as i lost my land to some twats with lots of dosh who can pay for it but when i do get out and about i like to ferret and use the longnet with my little lurcher.if any one ever needs a extra pair of hands give me a pm and if i can help i will

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  1. Does anybody know what's happened to Bristol Tim he seems to have just gone of the radar If anybody has a number for him please PM me as the one I got don't work Thanks for any help
  2. Went out for a drive today and found some land that was overrun with rabbits. All the setts are around the trees or on the banks in the open all up though the valley hundreds of them it's the sort of place you dream of ferreting all I have to do now is go and see the owner and persuade them to let me ferret it.. If not maybe a bit of mooching may be called for :-))
  3. There's good and bad in every dog mate but for a bit of ferreting if you train him correctly you should have a good little bunny killer ....good luck
  4. I just got my bag from a company in Ireland as it was the only place that sells them now as I tried everywhere in England to get one...there good for a bit of mouching
  5. After failing at my place it seems that they went down the road and stole a young girls moped that she's just bought to get to and from work. Frigging scum bags
  6. That's the best bit if I had let the dogs out they would have ripped them up anyway ... But your spot on with the nights sleep ruined every sound I'm looking out the window or just checking the lights
  7. As socks said Daihatsu Fourtrack for a small motor they go anywhere
  8. My daughter just came down stairs and side she's just heard the fence panels being lifted up in the back garden so I've gone running out and the security lights are all on so some f###er has set them off ......not sure what they were after dogs /ferrets or kit in the sheds . Can't see any body around but will pull the SD memory card out the lights tomorrow morning and see if I can see some faces plus screw all the panels down so it can't be done again ...
  9. I've been there and had to do it myself mate it's always hard when we lose one of the team
  10. You got a link for that? Just Try this web site krawnden www.maceoinltd.com
  11. I've managed to get one from Ireland as they were the only company to have any left but the worse part was I had to pay in euros @ £1.22 per euro but at least I've got one .. Let the weekend mooching begin
  12. I think you will find its against the law to force exercise a dog along side a bike and you can be fined for it . There was a article about it in one of the greyhound racing papers as two trainers had been done for it
  13. I carry the ferret and the spade etc and my son gets the rabbits c/w with all the fles lol
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