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  1. thanks for replies i dont no how tall it is lurcher lad nice strong pup to mate
  2. this is me new pup bull greyhound to collie bull greyhound 13 weeks old hope it makes right dog for next season
  3. herbit


    the bird seems to be fine now hes eating okay again thanks for the advice
  4. herbit


    thanks for that muttley an ye hope they will be a few good days out if all goes to plan
  5. have got a couple of tail feathers mate of a young male harris if you still need them
  6. sorry to hear about that bud
  7. hi does any 1 know when gill ferrets come into season an how long ther pregnant got two bread me mates so can get a few kits to handle and bring on with me young harrishawk 4 the next season
  8. herbit


    it will be a challenge at the begin of the season when trying to start him of ave got a terrier wats in pup to so i was hoping to start the bird over the young pups sounds like a good plan but nothin ever works out the way u want does it but ave got a good mentor
  9. herbit


    he was eating 3 chicks a day now hes taking 2 days two eat them ye his keel is sharp an its down for moult i dont no his fly weight not had him to long but hes last years bird an had a bit of a bad life to begin my mate found him in a tree nearly dead he had to hand feed the bird for the first few days chopping chicks up to little bits he could not stand up at first but he improved a lot over the last few months only last week an half he bin goin of is food that wat makes me think about the weather warming up
  10. herbit


    hello just wondering if any 1 can help me ive got a new harrishawk its my first bird an am abit worried about him he seems to be not eating as much as when i first got him could it be that he is at a top wait or that the weathers geting warmer
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