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  1. 9mm all the way started shooting cattys few year back now and the 9 mm witj single theraband is unbeatable in my eyes shot 12 mm lead with doubles but just not as consistent practice makes perfect as they say was shooting great till I got my dog and stopd shooting so much with the catty now I seem to be shit started of ott then once I had got good with that switched to ttf got a ppsg and was improving every week watched a lot of that fat gamekeeper john c**ts videos on aiming and seems to help me a lot then then the pup came along and I stoped shooting the catty so much and went straight to sq
  2. Cheers lads cracking sport this dog game beats air rifles any day.
  3. quick hour on golf course with the pup retrieving coming on a treat.
  4. Cheers pal looking forward to learning All I can about the dog game
  5. Whippet collie grey was all I was told mate she's been a great wee dog from the day I picked her up
  6. cheers mate any advice is much appreciated.
  7. New to dogs this is my first she's 8 month now and got her first few rabbits the other night best night of my life never been so proud
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