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  1. Thanks chap for the kind words, you lot have inspired me, I'm using Dankung 2050 looped at present, it's shooting lovely .
  2. That looks exquisite, very reasonable price as well. ATB Chisler
  3. 'Bernie the bolt' yet again, congrates
  4. Skill, Skill, Skill, Skill, Skill, what more can one say but nice 5
  5. How do, TTF means 'through the forks', as apposed to 'over the forks, have a look on youtube, just put in catapults and you will see the different designs etc . ATB Chisler
  6. I understand what you mean about looped over single, I'm using 2050 drab green loops on my slate one, I can now say I much prefer them to the single, I'm finding it helps me having 2 frames of the same design, this has helped to compare the different set ups, the 2050 shoots really nicely with a comfortable draw to boot. cheers for the input Chisler
  7. MSD is the brand name, got it off evilbay,
  8. Nice bit of info their 'youcanthide' Chisler
  9. Once again been experimenting with different tubes, I purchased some MSD green tubing 4mm id/ 8mm od, quite a heavy draw to it, shooting 10mm leads and 12mm's, loads of power their, will be confident to use when I start hunting. there also comfortable with 9.5 steels flying out. It seem to me more power from them than the Rolyan Tubing Lime green 4.8 id / 8.5 od I've previously used . I got a feeling they will last longer as well. Apologies to the seasoned shooters out their who have already got this sorted, as said I'm a newbie, thought I might share my experiences to other newcomers to the
  10. My aiming is coming on now ,managing to hit the barn door from 2m away
  11. Your the Man congratulations Sharp shooter
  12. Ha ha, another miss spent youth,
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