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  1. Ok well this is my problem I have I shoot for a farmer who rents a peice of his neighbours land being a doctor! A vegetarian doctor! Who isn't so keen on the idea of things being killed obviously! Now I didnt really want to have anything to do with this gentleman because my farmer has told me the rabbits must go however if I am to use the. 22lr I need to really make sure things are all legally in place before I step onto his land with a fire arm incase he trys to be funny can you guys see where I'm coming from now!!?and is there a way of getting on there legally without having anything to do w
  2. Ok matey that has helped alot so shooting rights is this the person whom has had the land checked over by the police from the start?
  3. Hi guys a little advice please! I have been asked by a farmer to whom i shoot for to clear some rabbits up off a piece of land that he rents! Has he got the right to allow me on if the land has been deemed suitable or would i have to clear this up with the land owner himself?
  4. I am having to part with my working jills and kits due to work commitments good graters non biters no problems Newcastle jarrow area contact tilly via inbox
  5. Wow all pass on that one however as you say very nice
  6. Natural cattys single band or double made to order transactions via paypal
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