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  1. Hi lads im after a heavy half x bitch. single handed, pm me with details thanks
  2. hi everybody im after some advise. some months back my collie bull grey developed a nasty round sore on his front right leg it was very agressive and round in shape and bigger than a 50p coin. i took him vets and he gave me a course of clavucill anti-biotics as he said it was an infected wound. he had 2 courses of tablets which lasted 4 weeks. the sore didnt get any better so back to the vets i went and was seen by the same vet which then said it could be mange!. So he gave him a spot on solution of advocate and a few weeks later sore was still there so back to the vets again and i saw the main vet who inspected my dog with a woods lamp and found ringworm spores allover him. bare in mind hes been on anti biotics and mange treatment for nearly 2 months when really its ringworm that he has. He gave me a anti fungal wash called imaverol which i use every 3 days and have been doing so for months now, it clears the lesions up but then it spreads and in no time hes coverd in it. been back to the vets told him it wasnt improving so he gave me some anti fungal tablets called nizarol which he has been on for last 7 weeks, hes not getting any better its allover his face and tail and i bet its cost me over 400quid in costs. its that bad now its inside his nose so hes all bunged up and cant breathe properly. ive tried everything including barbicide wash. Im going the vets in the morning as i think they are more than responsible for this due to misdiagnosing the problem at the begining. poor lad is suffering and hes not been out in ages, ive done everything to help him i wash bedding every 3 days, still using imaverol wash which cures the lesions but then another 1 comes up. worse his on his face he is covered in bald circular patches. Do you think ive got a case against the vet for misdiagnosing the problem twice?? the way i see it he had ringworm from when the sore started on his front leg then he has gone untreated for 2 months before they even checked for ringworm. Please help as im running out of ideas and my dog is suffering. Thanks
  3. i use imaverol wash which u leave on the dog and dont rinse it off, i do that every 3 days plus hes on the nizarol tablets. i wash there bedding on hot wash once a week and keep the kennel clean
  4. hi a few months back my collie grey started showing signs of ringworm he had 1 big sore on his front leg which i thought was an injury so did the vets, until it didnt heal and was getting bigger. So i took him back to the vets and they used an ultra violet lamp which shows up ringworm spores which it did so they gave me imaverol wash which cleared up the sore in no time, ever since that more and more sores keep popping up and ive been washing him with imaverol for over 10 weeks now. I took him back to the vets a few week back becuase they wernt clearing up and i keep finding more on him so he gave me some Nizarol tablets which are antifungal tablets which hes been on now for 3 weeks. To be honest he dosnt look any better and hes not his self at all, his back legs have quite a few sores on then and 1 of them is size of a 10p coin and looks very sore, his tail has lost hair and there is also ringworm sores on it aswell. ive tried everything and hes back and forth from the vets and these tablets are 50quid a go for 15 days worth. im still using the wash and they do clear up but then ill find another 1 on him next time i go to wash him. the poor lad has missed nearly all this season because of it and i just dont know what to do anymore he just cant seem to get rid of it. hes in a pen with my other dog which has never shown any signs of ringworm but i wash him aswell just incase. Any help would be very appreciated
  5. my mate had his bitch from a pup, took her out lamping from a young age, teaching her to drop the kill. come back and all that bollocks. started cumin out wi us in subaru on fox and as soon as he gets out motor she comes off it and cowers. i did similar with my pup until i baught a saluki grey whippet which hasnt been taught a thing and this season so far hes pulled 6 or 7 charlies and stuck with em. so i stopped teaching them anything and just let them get on with it as long as they dont piss about not getting back in motor thats all that matters to me
  6. i dont really teach a pup owt until there around 10 month old, let them be pups and play and stuff theres no rush
  7. im having a fekkin nightmare with ringworm. my collie bull grey started with scabby crusty bits on elbows then a full blown sore errupted on his front leg, took him vets they treated for mange fk nos why but they did, never made any difference and they put him on antibiotics and anti-inflammitys which made it worse!, nothing worked then i took him back and saw a different vet which put a woods lamp on him and the ringworm spores glow florescent green which they did so he gave me imaverol which is a thick brown liquid you dilute in water. You can get this stuff of hyperdrug website, anyway it cleared the affected areas up then id find another 1 on him, i found 1 on his back foot near toes which only started small and within days it was red raw and size of a 50p. There getting better now but im using malaseb shampoo and imaverol every week but they seem to appear over night. Thing what baffles me is hes in a pen with my saluki whippet and hes only ever had 1 on him and it never came back but i wash him with the stuff anyway just incase hes a carrier. I wash there bedding on a 90 degrees wash twice a week and bleach there shed regular. It is a fekkin nightmare ringworm and its put my dog out of action for weeks. Get the imaverol 100ml of hyperdrug and dilute 10ml to 500ml water and sponge it on the affected areas then with rest poor it allover the dog and work it in to the coat. Do this every 3 days 4 times. Good luck
  8. hi every1 im after a bottle of penicillin as my mate dropped half a bottle of the stuff on floor today, please pm me if anybody can get some. thanks
  9. dont shoot, lamping with the lurchers mostly roadside and then just get dogs out the back doors which is why im after a forester
  10. hi ive got a 1993 daihatsu fourtrak independant 2.8tdx in good nick, but we do a lot of lamping out the motor and with it not having 5 doors its not suitable for me, my mates got a forester which we go out in but could do with one myself for when hes not out or its off the road. so to cut a long story short im after swappin my fourtrak for a forester if [NO TEXT TALK] interested? thanks
  11. took him back to vets for a check up, it is healing and theyve prescribed another course of antibiotics, they said try and leave buster collar on him to speed up the healing
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