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  1. both parents were bred in Ireland but these dogs now in uk and pups on the floor here in uk
  2. having seen my post about the greyhound pup , with all these government movements, restrictions and possible vet movements . what can be done to purchase the pup ie pick up , jabs , microchipping etc , will vets jab and chip or emergencies only ,do they class jabbing essential as for disease purposes ? also will I be able to travel or not (gamble on going ?) breeders will want the pups away asap as a litter every extra week at home will cost them a great deal more ?? any ideas or experience in this matter over the last 2 weeks cheers ,,,gibbo
  3. thanks for all your comments very much appreciated , im deffo going for a pup as I stated ive always loved them and the breeding is good with wind in their lungs , she will be raise as a lurcher in the same way as I always do basics 1st ,stock breaking ,everyday obstacles , entering when seems right ,I never rush them ,it will be lightly worked as theres not a vast amount of game around ,as for breeding from her that ll be years down the line if I see fit , hope your all safe and well stay indoors atb gibbo
  4. before I get slated and say why do it there a load a shit and always injured ,I am in the process of purchasing one for a few reasons , 1/ my parents and grandad had them when we were kids racing and coursing ,mostly racing so ive always fancied one for light work as around here game is limited ,2/ ive had a first cross deerhound /grey and was hoping if I can get her to a reasonable standard and stay fit to breed my own knowing the pups will be from working stock , the pure greyhound will be brought up like I have done with all my dogs ie field craft common sense stuff ie age of training age for entering etc , Im not thick and will not abuse such pup n any way or form regarding working ability and discard if it fails I would just like a few honest comments on facts when rearing such a dog ,,,, ie stock breaking , feet , injuries etc just so I can enjoy it , I wont be hammering her day and night prob once or twice a week if conditions let cheers for your time ,,gibbo ps dam 8 bend open winner sire well bred too sensible comments please as they will be much appreciated ,possible of peeps who have trained and use them from pups ??
  5. they say any owl with large yellow eyes ???? does anyone have a web site name or make of the shop ???? cheers gibbo
  6. hi boys n girls just a quick medical issue ,bitch has just come out of season and dropped bit of coat now after the season ive found over last 3 days 4 fleas on her ive bathed her 3 times with medicated and flea shampoo and ive disinfected her kennel and cleaned all bedding out and the frontline hasn't arrived yet online delivery shes clear of fleas but she stll irritated buy the healing of the scabs and scratting ive checked and re checked for infestation but clear any ideas what can I do to stop the irritation ????????????? many thanks gibbo
  7. I still have mine now coming up 6 in nov shes been great over the yrs ,a few injuries which we all have wire, toes, etc , shes had a far bit of game n feather still does it for me bit of a wind up merchant been stand off ish n totally defiant usually thru the day only but when in the field lamping cant fault her ,, just lack of bunnies around here hasn't con vinced me she can run all night ,shes lasted don't get me wrong but I prefer long rabbitting nights not 4 to 10 long slips for example personally id have another but has to be like her 27 ish tts and racey ,she very nimble for a biggish bitch
  8. wont be many around as he passed away ,possibly some last litters kicking about I guess now maybe diluted stuff or someone has taken his lines I'm unsure ?????????? I had a bitch out of a grey to his beast of a dog conan I think its name was ?????
  9. ive just dropped my .243 and snapped the parallax clean off the scopes ,they were mtc taipan 4x16x50's can any one advise me on a budget but half decent scope with parallax due to having a starlite archer nv , these weren't too bad and did the job I req many thanks lee
  10. no deker meaning ive tampered with it can we do that I'm a novice ,,the baffles weren't damaged I presumed these have been tested and certified ????? ive only opened the exit by around 1mm max is that legal??????????
  11. last week I got stung by a bee ......................... £5.50 for a jar of HONEY ps hope shes ok
  12. ive fxxked up big style ???? ive shot my .17hmr with not knowing my mod was loose thus marking the exit from the mod its now oval ive stripped it redrilled till the hole is round ,have I tampered with its certification ?????? ive re zeroed it but will it last or do I have to exchange it on my firearms certificate,whats the crack purchasing another mod ???????
  13. my lurcher sometimes rags the hell out of my lab ,the other day I noticed his ear really swollen looking like a balloon,ive drained it with a shringe needle and got it nearly empty(blood) ,then 2 days later it filled again(blood) again I drained it off gave him some loxicom and some antibiotics ,today is working its way up again?????? do I keep draining it or a trip to the vets ,I thought if shes burst a blood vessel in his ear it would of stopped by now or it is something more nasty no swelling around his head etc just his ear cheers gibbo
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