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  1. If you have the space to put kennels up mate I would do it. Far easier then having them inside. Apsecially if like me the other half is quite house proud. And you won't go far wrong with some decent Plummers.
  2. Lovely dark colours mate. Buster is pretty dark though isn't he. ATB with them pal.
  3. How much do you want for the 7 foot nets pal. PM me.
  4. The problem with charging big money for any working terrier is most genuine lads that graft there dogs can't afford to pay that sort of money. Especially when they need 5-6 terriers to keep up with there work load. This means that Plummers go to people that want them for shows and to do abit of hedging. A lot of decent lads won't even consider a Plummer in there Kennel because of there price tag. This has a knock on effect and that's why very few people work there plummers to ground.
  5. It's because it's not registered with the EPTS mate. My advice is don't Fecking bother! Leave them to there club shit and just enjoy your dogs. If they please you who gives a shit what anyone else says or thinks.
  6. Cracking show this. Gutted I can't make it this year. All the best with it Beck.
  7. Who was the old boy Judging the Terriers on Sunday?
  8. I know it's a good day for stands ect but is the Terrier show any good.
  9. It's Law. The Terrier must always be fitted with an electronic locator.
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