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  1. We`ll have no excuses about the pups just hurry up and get right yourself I've some fairy dust I want to shake off
  2. Very nice Jim can't wait 2 see all pup's at work
  3. Thanks lads lurcher to lurcher.
  4. Nice pup's Jim best of luck with them.
  5. Nice strong pups pal best of luck with them.
  6. Well the man started this topic runs his for atleast 5-6 and I seen them go and there as good as ull get don't care what any one say's.
  7. I'd say that be be a lot better than a first cross best of luck with ur pup us informed mate.
  8. Ya would like to see razors son now he must be big now he was a strong pup at 8 weeks.
  9. Would there be enough speed in that cross would like one to put whippet/ grayhound on it or grayhound/ irishterrier.that could chancie.
  10. It depends who breed them by the sounds of things in Ireland won't matter about age.
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