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  1. echo

    Fluxating Patella Advice Please

    Go back to the vet and get him to refer you to an orthopedic,you get get the leg operated on
  2. echo

    Pup Dandruff

    If the pup is itchy.it might have something called walking dandruff.it,s cause by a mite.the vet will give you the right treatment
  3. echo

    Pup Dribbling

    Sounds like you pup has a urine infection.it needs anti biotics
  4. echo

    Pup And It's Ball

    you can also throw the ball behind you and send the pup.As he picks it up keep walking away and as he comes in crouch down and make a fuss of him.If he picks something up in the house you don;t want him to.Exchange for a toy.Never tell him off.Enjoy your pup
  5. echo

    Young Bitch Eye

    The eye looks like it has a slight lack of pigment in the eye.This is perfectly normal and will have no effect on it eye sight
  6. echo

    Pup And It's Ball

    Take it out with another dog that retrieves out side.Let it watch and then put the older dog on the lead.Move away from it.Throw the ball a little way,crouch down and call the pup when the ball is in it mouth.Loads of praise and then repeat.
  7. echo

    Saluki Temperament.

    Barb wire trick will work.It won;t chase anything after that.Not even a tennis ball
  8. echo

    Can Anyone Help Please!! ?

    Does she associate lowd bangs,fireworks with the dark.
  9. We had one on our shoot.The guns loved it.They always knew something was just about to flush.This was a big shoot.
  10. Get the kids to call the pup,puppy.They will keep repeating it untill it means nothing.Only you should use it;s proper name
  11. echo

    david hancock lurchers

    I;ve bought 3 pups from him in the last 14 years and they have all been big fat healthy pups.
  12. echo

    Retrieving Problems Need Help!!!!

    sit on a chair,dummy in one had treats in the other.If the dog touches the dummy give it a treat.If the dog mouths the dummy give it a treat.He will make the conection between holding the dummy and getting a treat.Once he understands what you want add the word hold.Do this everyday for a week.Indoors or in a small area. Drop the dummy on the floor and tell the dog to hold.When he pics it up exchange for food.You can make a game of it and hide it and then use the hold word.When this has been properly learnt you can try it outside..before you move on makes sure the dog understands fully what you want.If you feel impatient do not let the dog know.It will cause stress
  13. echo

    Recall And Retrieving

    crouch down and offer her food.What ever you do,don;t grab her and while she is eating,put your hand underneath her chin to clip the lead on,not over her head.If you grab at her,it will make her hand shy and she will start to circle you.Once they become hand shy their recall can take months to sort out
  14. echo


    Before i leave home,i always tell them on the phone if the pup is;nt right i wont be having one.I know within 5 minutes wether they are right or not.I don;t waste time there and just leave